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Robyn Harberger

Robyn Harberger

Senior Director of Communications

Bio: Robyn Patterson Harberger serves as SFL’s Senior Director of Communications, overseeing the design, marketing, and video teams. She has been a part of the SFL team since February of 2014. Robyn joins us after spending¬†five years at the Institute for Justice where she served as the Assistant Director of Production and Design. Prior to her time at IJ, Robyn spent 2 years working at an advertising agency in Lafayette, Louisiana. Robyn is a graduate of Loyola University in New Orleans where she earned a B.A. in graphic design. She began her college years at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where she was a member of the NCAA Division 1 swimming team. Robyn currently resides in Denver, Colorado and spends her spare time looking for any excuse to take a road trip.

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