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Soulful Capitalism: a new blog by Lior Abutbul


Lior Abutbul joined Students For Liberty in 2015 as a volunteer and became a Local Coordinator in 2017. She then proceeded to become the National Coordinator for Israel, and after finishing her Master’s degree at CEVRO Institute in Prague and returning to Israel this year, she assumed the role of the Regional Coordinator for Southeastern Europe.

She has been running events, forming partnerships, and working on putting together in-depth educational programs, most recently including sessions with international guests like Dr. Tom Palmer or Dr. Stephen Davies, in cooperation with Manhattan the Institute and Adam Smith Society.

Lior’s newest project is a blog that she started and edits, called Soulful Capitalism. “The project started when I noticed that the liberal voice in Hebrew-speaking social media acts as a reaction to leftists, instead of presenting independent ideas,” says Lior about what motivated her to start the blog. “I felt like the arguments were less to the point, and more on the cold and cruel side, so I thought that introducing bleeding-heart libertarianism to the conversation would be more beneficial.”

The project’s launch was also inspired by Lior’s participation in the Adam Smith program by the Argaman Institute and the support she received from one of the teachers in the program, Dr. Sagi Barmak.

In her articles, Lior touches on several subjects relevant to trending topics in Israel, including city tax and local agricultural committees. The articles vary from the more philosophical, where she presents important ideas in an accessible way, to some more related to daily life. She also wants to present a human perspective – believing that libertarians must be kind, and advocate for looking at the people behind the statistics, as not everything is graphs and numbers.

“I think SFL gave me the confidence and motivation to go out and publish my blog. You see many young people all over the world acting for a freer future and it makes you think, ‘how can I contribute to that?’. The blog is a small step towards that,” says Lior. “Regarding the future – I will keep doing it as long as the audience is interested, like anything that is market-based.”

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