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SFL Spain enters a new local partnership


Spanish Students For Liberty have for a long time been our largest team in Europe. Their success has been at least partly thanks to successful local partnerships, such as with UFM Madrid, with the Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad, or FUNDALIB, becoming their latest new partner.

Our coordinators Oscar Rollon Aymerich and Juan Carlos Peleato Ojeda negotiated an Internship and Collaboration Agreement with the Foundation that will allow other Spanish coordinators and volunteers to conduct university internships with FUNDALIB, one of the most important pro-liberty think tanks in Spain.

We got this idea because Óscar organizes a lot of congresses at his university. At one of those congresses he started a conversation with a professor about how the university’s internship programs work,” said Juan and Oscar about how this initiative started.

The professor advised them that although there is a complicated bureaucratic process, students are free to enter internships recognized by the university in their fields of study other than those that are part of the university’s own agreements.

The agreement that they then went on to initiate between FUNDALIB and SFL Madrid means not only that SFL volunteers will be informed about internships offered by FUNDALIB, but it will also help them navigate the bureaucratic process more smoothly and give them an edge in the application process as members of an affiliated pro-liberty organization.

“In Spain, there are not a lot of opportunities to do an internship with a pro-liberty company, and we wanted to give that opportunity to our members,” says Oscar.

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