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SFL alumnus Mugabi John partners with Atlas Network and Fraser Institute to promote economic freedom in Uganda


Students For Liberty alumnus from Uganda, Mugabi John, founder of Action for Liberty and Economic Development (ALED), partnered with Atlas Network and the Fraser Institute to organize the first Uganda Economic Freedom Audit and educate Ugandans about free trade and globalization. Mugabi has been associated with Students For Liberty since his university days, as far back as 2016, when he was promoting personal freedom to his peers on campus. 

Facing the tyranny of the Museveni government in Uganda, Mugabi has been a vocal champion of individual liberty and autonomy. As a student activist, he fostered the growth of Students For Liberty in Uganda and went on to start his libertarian think tank, ALED, in 2016. Through his organization, Mugabi has organized a series of freedom-focused events aimed at promoting the economic prosperity of Ugandans. A notable program of ALED is the African Liberty Camp where young people come together annually to learn about freedom in a close focus group. 

An alumnus of Atlas Network educational programs, Mugabi, and his team organized an economic freedom audit through the Atlas Network and Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom Audit Grant. Economic Freedom Audits are a powerful media tool for public communication and effectively explain the benefits of economic freedom and free markets to policy reformers.

This audit done in Uganda would prove effective in transforming Uganda’s trade policies in favor of liberalization and subsequently encourage individual economic prosperity for Ugandans. Mugabi John and his team are also working on regional partnerships with neighboring countries to involve key stakeholders and educate and design frameworks for free trade in Africa.

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