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SFL alumni Lanre-Peter Elufisan and Stephen Kayode Oyedemi host inaugural Freedom in Nigeria Conference


The first ever Freedom in Nigeria Conference was organized by SFL alumni Lanre Peter and Stephen Oyedemi through their organization, Ominira Initiative, with the support of Atlas Network and the Initiative for African Trade and Prosperity.

Ominira Initiative is a non-profit organization that researches, organizes, and advocates policy solutions to bring freedom and prosperity to Africa. The word ominira means “freedom” in Yoruba, a major language in south-western Nigeria where the conference was held, in Ibadan, Oyo state. 

The conference brought together over 100 advocates of liberty from across the region and beyond, some of whom are current SFL coordinators and alumni. 

The theme of the conference was “Trade, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Freedom.” SFL alumni from Nigeria like Abisola Olaiya Adeyemi, Feyisade Charles Adeyemi, founder of Chale Institute and a former Academic director at African Students for Liberty, were also speakers at the event. Feyisade is also a Senior Writing Fellow at AfricanLiberty.org.

The Ominira Initiative was started by Lanre-Peters and Feyisade Adeyemi after completing the African Liberty Writing Fellowship.

Through this organization, Lanre-Peter and his team have hosted a series of educational events with a focus on freedom. These have ranged from webinars to TV appearances featuring notable freedom advocates and friends of Students For Liberty.

The drive and passion within the organization are noteworthy and it is certain that more is yet to come from this team of Nigerian champions for economic freedom.

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