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Jorge Jraissati publishes a paper in the Brookings Institution’s October Report


Alumni For Liberty Director, Jorge Jraissati, published a paper in the Brookings Institution’s October Report as part of the institution’s Global Economy and Development program. The report, “Brain Health-directed Policymaking: A New Concept to Strengthen Democracy,” examined how good democracies can stand out by fostering environments that allow each individual to realize their full potential with regard to their brain health.

The Brookings Institution’s Global Economy and Development program seeks to ensure that the future of globalization is marked by inclusive development and prosperity. The program draws on the core competencies of Brookings; to provide thought leadership, cutting-edge research, and innovative policy solutions for sustainable prosperity.

Jraissati’s latest contribution to the Brookings Institution report focuses on threats to democracy from an unprecedented socio-environmental factor: brain health, such that addressing brain health challenges requires a greater understanding of public attitudes and behavior. Democracy as a system of self-government, requires open-minded, inquisitive, responsible, and free-thinking persons involved in scientific and creative endeavors who may freely distribute knowledge.

With democracies coming increasingly under attack, an informed public and elected officials should work together to increase chances for human and economic development and guarantee everyone’s security. In the report, Jraissati and others argue that to advance community cohesion, and increase economic output, policymaking may need to be tailored toward equitable and high-quality brain health. 

Emerging policy ideas that aim to promote “pro-democratic brain health” at the individual, group, societal, national, and international levels are also described in the October report. The report concludes that brain health may prove to be an important determinant to functioning institutions and hence to the success of democracies and their processes.

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