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Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression allows each and every one of us to speak openly about our ideas through our choice of media, without regard for borders.

However, suppression of free speech continues to be seen across journalism, college campuses, and even on social media platforms.  

The fight against internet censorship has also grown in recent years, as we learn more about increased government surveillance. 

So what does freedom of expression entail?

Internet Censorship

Internet censorship represses the free flow of ideas and open dialogue. Keeping the internet free helps us promote a freer future. 

Free Speech

It is important to protect our right to free speech so we can have open and honest conversations that drive us towards greater freedom.

Financial Censorship

We must speak out against governments who pressure financial institutions to block website transactions to censor speech online.

Free Press

We must protect the right of our journalists to report the truth, so long as they are not infringing upon the rights of others.   

Social Media

Social media should remain an outlet for users to freely express themselves, while accepting personal responsibility for their actions. 

Why freedom of expression matters to SFL

Censorship undermines our ability to engage in the process of discovering truth. Freedom of expression includes the right to challenge ideas, publish ideas, protest, practice religion, and associate with others in whatever manner is mutually consensual. Private individuals and institutions have the right to set their own rules for expression and association but may be challenged by others who recognize that censorship is harmful. 

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