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SFL Alumnus, Emil Panzaru, completes his Ph.D. and joins Consumer Choice Center as a Research Manager


Students for Liberty alumnus from the United Kingdom, Dr. Emil Panzaru celebrated the completion of his Ph.D. and joined the Consumer Choice Center as a research and development manager. Emil’s career history has mostly been focused on academia and it will be exciting to follow him on this new journey at the Consumer Choice Center.  

As Emil adds the title of doctor to his name; his work at the Consumer Choice Center will focus on promoting a liberal approach to consumer policy. Emil has been a part of Students for Liberty for years. 

Emil holds a B.A. in Politics and International Relations from the University of Sheffield (2015) and an MSc in Political Theory from the London School of Economics (2016) and now a Ph.D. in Political Economy.

During his time as a Ph.D. candidate, he has taught the political economy of capitalism.  He was a Bastiat Graduate fellow at the Mercatus Center at George University. 

He has also been a fellow at the Institute for Humane Studies. Emil is a recipient of the John Templeton award and the King’s education award, both issued in 2019. 

Emil has plans of providing political consultancy as an independent contractor. He will be registering and setting up a website detailing his experience. 

Emil’s career trajectory and impact is a clear testament to the great connections he has formed within Students for Liberty.

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