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Data Protection and Innovation: What Are the Trade-offs? Featuring Eline Chivot


The team at Students For Liberty invites you to join us on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, at 12PM EST, for our first Instagram Live event exploring the theme of data, digital privacy, and innovation in the digital economy.

Titled ‘Data Protection and Innovation: What Are the Trade-offs?’, this event will feature Eline Chivot, a Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Data Innovation. She will be interviewed by Russell Coates, our Content Marketing Specialist.

This event will focus on the theme of innovation in the digital economy, and the role of data protection policies in the European Union. In recent years, the debate around balancing digital privacy and innovation has gained significantly in prominence, especially in light of the European Union’s GDPR policy implemented in 2018. The debate is expected to continue further, given the increasing rise of AI amid many barriers to innovation.

Eline Chivot specializes in the field of European technology policy at the Center for Data Innovation and is based in Brussels. She is particularly interested in policies that allow for greater innovation in the digital economy, and has written extensively on this subject. Her work also covers issues such as the gig economy and the opportunities presented by AI.

Holding Masters degrees in several subjects, Eline Chivot has previous experience working as a policy analyst at the Hague Center for Strategic Studies (HCSS). There, her research focused on defense, security, and economic policy. She has also worked at DigitalEurope, a Brussels-based trade association.

To hear Eline Chivot share her insights on innovation in the digital economy and the challenges faced in light of trade-offs between innovation and data protection, make sure to tune in for her interview.

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