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Alumna from Russia, Dr. Vera Kichanova joins the Free Cities Foundation as a Senior Economist


Image credits: Liberty in our Lifetime © 2022

Dr. Vera Kichanova, an alumna of Students For Liberty from Russia, has joined the Free Cities Foundation as a Senior Economist.

Vera, a market urbanist who recently earned her Ph.D. from King’s College London, explores the future of private government and works to harmonize urban governance and liberal economics. She is a researcher for urban policy at Zaha Hadid Architects where she works to bridge the gap between freedom and architecture. 

The Free Cities Foundation promotes global innovative governance to increase human freedom and prosperity. By collaborating with smaller territories that are enacting liberty-oriented policies to provide residents more options in the laws that control their lives, the foundation is creating a brighter and freer future.

Speaking on her new role at the Free Cities Foundation, Vera said, “Apart from advocacy, we are also involved in practical, real-life projects of charter cities, prosperity zones, and other enclaves of freedom. That’s exactly the job I had in mind when writing my dissertation on private cities — to promote permissionless innovation in urban governance and help establish free societies in our lifetime.”

Vera shared,  “I am joining the team of like-minded visionaries at the Free Cities Foundation. With a diverse group of entrepreneurs and consultants, economists and lawyers, architects and designers.”

Vera, who was also present at the foundations’ Liberty in Our Lifetime conference from October 21 to 23 in Prague, said she will be keeping her position at Zaha Hadid Architects, which is to bridge the gap between architecture and freedom. 

Vera’s career has encompassed positions such as President of the Oxford Hayek Society, Editor-in-Chief with Atlas Network in Kyiv, and elected Municipal Councillor in Moscow. She was a Senior Local Coordinator with Students For Liberty and is also an Adam Smith contributor and a Frédéric Bastiat Fellow at the Mercatus Center in the United States.

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