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Conservative Case for Ending the War on Drugs, with Christina Dent


The team at Students For Liberty are delighted to invite you to the latest event of our Liberty at Home series, on Friday, September 4, 2020, at 12PM EST. Exploring the conservative case against the War on Drugs, this interview will highlight how the important cause of drug policy reform does not belong to any one ideology. Instead, this cause has the potential to bring people together from a range of different political and ideological backgrounds.

Titled ‘Conservative Case for Ending the War on Drugs ’, this event will feature Christina Dent, the founder and president of End It For Good, a conservative nonprofit dedicated to promoting alternatives to a criminal justice approach to drug policy. She will be interviewed by Students For Liberty’s CEO, Dr. Wolf von Laer.

For most of her life, Christina Dent, a conservative Christian, was in favor of maintaining laws prohibiting drug use. However, her perspective changed when she became a foster parent and became aware of the devastating impact the War on Drugs continues to have on children, families, and communities.

In 2019, she gave a TEDx Talk, titled ‘End the War on Drugs for Good’, where she spoke of her journey towards developing a better understanding of how the issue of drug harm could be reduced. Her research brought her to the conclusion that the best solutions in this case do not involve criminalization. Through her nonprofit, she is dedicated to helping others reach the conclusion that legal regulation would lead to far more positive outcomes than prohibition.

To hear Christina Dent’s experience of drug policy reform advocacy, and why ending the War on Drugs represents a cause for people across the political spectrum to get behind, make sure to tune in for her interview, on Friday, September 4, 2020, at 12 PM EST!

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