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African Students For Liberty Farewell Stories: Musila Muoki, Kenya


  1. When did you join Students For Liberty? What made you decide to join?

I first came into contact with Students For Liberty in 2014 at Maseno University during a campus event. Years later, I undertook the Local Coordinator training in 2017 where I officially became an SFL leader.

On my first encounter with Students For Liberty at Maseno University, I realized that my view on political ideologies identified with what speakers at the event were putting across.

I believe in the ideas of a free society, the rule of law, and limited government long before my encounter with Students For Liberty.

However, what I had learned afterwards was that many of these ideologies had an identity as “libertarian,” and making this discovery allowed me to find people that shared and advanced my beliefs. This encouraged me to join the movement.

  1. What was your greatest accomplishment as an SFL leader?

Since starting out as the communications and marketing manager for SFL Kenya, I started producing graphics and promoting marketing events actively across the country, and across the continent.

This has gone on to become the norm and backbone of African Students For Liberty (ASFL), and I helped market events across the continent for three years.

I also started mobilizing Local Coordinators to discuss current affairs and other issues around the libertarian movement via WhatsApp groups, which was later adopted across a number of countries and across the continent. This became what is today known as the “Reading Challenge,” which is a major program at ASFL.

I am particularly proud that the combination of my marketing and academic initiatives made the reading challenge a success.

  1. What would you tell someone who is considering getting involved with Students For Liberty?

The ideological, personal, and professional growth opportunities at Students For Liberty are unmatched and I experienced that first hand. What’s more, it’s an opportunity for one to free up their mind, via their own way, and on their own terms.

  1. What do you want to do in the future to advance liberty?

The future in advancing liberty for me is in mass media. I want to create content on the principles of libertarianism and communicate to others why liberty is a necessary condition for humans to flourish.

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