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African Students For Liberty Farewell Stories: Aimable Manirakiza, Burundi


Aimable Manirakiza joined African Students For Liberty in 2015 after attending the Eastern African Regional Conference in Nairobi, Kenya in May of the same year.

He completed the Local Coordinator training and joined the leaders of liberty in Africa, actively promoting the ideas of freedom.

He was part of a team of young professionals who contributed to the growth of the libertarian student movement in French-speaking Africa, particularly in the region of the African Great Lakes.

In 2015, he founded Students For Liberty Burundi and made it a regional non-profit organization by founding Students For Liberty Rwanda, Students for Liberty Democratic Republic of Congo, and the French-speaking program, Students For Liberty Grands-Lacs.

He worked as Regional Director of SFL in French-speaking Africa, notably in Burundi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He was awarded Student of the Year in 2017 by Students For Liberty at the Annual Award Gala held in Washington, DC..

Aimable is the Founder and Executive Director of the Center For Development and Enterprises Great Lakes (CDE). This is an organization whose mission is to reduce the obstacles to prosperity and opportunity based on the principles of a free society and free market in Burundi, Rwanda, and the DRC.

In 2018, the Atlas Network awarded CDE the Africa Liberty Award for its Birashoboka project. The term “birashoboka” is a local Kirundi word from Burundi that means “it’s possible.” The goal of the campaign was to make it possible for Burundian, Rwandan, and Congolese entrepreneurs to thrive within their communities.

Similarly, in 2020, the think tank won the 2020 Africa Liberty Award for their ProLibertyWriters Project, designed by CDE to focus media attention on issues that will help countries in the Great Lakes region boost their scores on the World Bank’s Doing Business index.

To learn more about African Students For Liberty, visit their Facebook page by clicking on the link below.

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