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Africa Event Updates: November 2020


End SARS Protest & Event in Nigeria

​For almost two weeks, SFL Leaders and Staff joined millions of protesters across Nigeria. They took part in peaceful demonstrations against Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) – a Nigerian police force unit accused of alleged extrajudicial killings and extortion of young people. 

SFL Nigeria took this campaign further by having a conversation called, “#EndSARS: Our Stories on Police Brutality,” where ASFL Leaders shared their stories and experiences of police brutality. We didn’t share the video online for security reasons, but you can access the event recording by clicking on the button below.

Nigeria-Kenya Debate

On October 18, SFL Nigeria and Kenya co-hosted a debate contest named “COVID-19 Mitigation Measures Did More Harm than Good”. The competition was to get leaders to share their thoughts on COVID-19 mitigation measures by governments and understand how global catastrophes can impact individual liberties. The contest had four representative judges from each country: Linda Kavuka, Sanni Johnson, Ogechukwu Peace, and Dickson Kigora. Team Kenya had 312 points, while Team Nigeria had 318.5 points.

CATO Training Event with ASFL Leaders

On October 22, ASFL hosted an Ideas and Progress virtual training workshop with CATO’s student programs team to increase leaders’ chances of successful selection to CATO’s Institute Internship Program. Facilitators included Matthew Feeney, Director of the Project on Emerging Technologies, Marian Tupy, Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, and Pericles A. Niarchos, CATO’s Student Programs Manager and an SFL Alumnus.

The Role of Men in the War Against Female Genital Mutilation

The event focused on speaking about Female Genital Mutilation and the role of men in ending it.

Towards Africa’s Economic Growth: Big Government vs. Limited Government

Our guest speaker, Oluwafemi Ogunjobi, ASFL Programs Associate, explained the need for limited government in the African economy and what actions we need to take to ensure economic growth and development. 

Caminho para a liberdade (The Path to Liberty)

Guinea Bissau mired in severed poverty and a lousy economy, mostly influenced by the absence of freedom and political instability. Our Local Coordinator from SFL Guinea Bissau, Carlos Da Silva, organized The Path to Liberty event to help young people become proactive and search for solutions to the country’s economic condition. Speakers at the event included:

  • Professor Helder Pires, a professor at the Faculty of Law at the Guinea-Bissau University.
  • Nêmora Sofia Schuh, Legal Consultant for Diáriode Santa Maria.
  • Mariama Djaló, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Guinea-Bissau University and SFL Local Coordinator in Guinea-Bissau.

Liberty: The Bedrock for Development

At the Liberty: The Bedrock for Development event, we tried to unveil the fundamental concepts of freedom and its importance in enhancing economic development. Our guest speakers shared the best practices on promoting tolerance and unity and the challenges posed by the rise of extremist political movements.

To see what more of our students are planning, don’t forget to check out our Events page by clicking on the button below. 

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