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5 reasons why Antarctica is the ideal location for LibertyCon


LibertyCon is finally coming to Antarctica in 2021! In light of the complex situation around event planning throughout the world, here are five reasons why the world’s coldest and least populated continent is the perfect location for LibertyCon:

1. Antarctica has no lockdown restrictions

Despite some of Antarctica’s scientific bases setting their own internal restrictions following a COVID-19 outbreak in December 2020, there are no lockdowns or set of restrictions applying to the continent as a whole.

This means that large gatherings such as LibertyCon would be perfectly legal in Antarctica, provided a suitable venue can be found or constructed.

2. Travel to Antarctica remains feasible

Restrictions in nearby countries may provide some extra difficulties in terms of reaching the continent, along with the issue of reduced air and marine traffic in the region, however, travel to and from Antarctica remains feasible.

Despite the logistical challenges, which are surmountable, it is still possible and perfectly legal to visit Antarctica in 2021. For those who are able to secure their passage on a ship or flight bound for Antarctica, tourism is technically allowed to proceed as normal.

3. Limited options elsewhere provide a perfect excuse to visit Antarctica

This year, many of the more traditional tourist destinations are currently subject to a range of restrictions. As such, now is the perfect time for anyone interested to make their way south and experience all that Antarctica has to offer.

Even for those who typically prefer warm and sunny destinations, visiting Antarctica would be a unique experience. Some of the attractions the continent has to offer include: seeing penguins in their natural habitat, the Antarctic ice sheet, the South Pole, Vinson Massif, museums and historic church buildings, as well as ghost towns such as the abandoned Grytviken Whaling Station.

4. Parts of the continent do not belong to any state

Interestingly, Antarctica is home to a vast region which remains outside the control of any government. At around 620,000 square miles, Marie Byrd Land, located in an extremely remote part of West Antarctica, is the largest area on earth that is not subject to any territorial claims by sovereign states.

Although conditions are harsh in this part of the world, it could still offer some potential in terms of establishing libertarian settlements. Although essentially uninhabitable, perhaps with the help of future technological advances, Marie Byrd Land could well become an ideal location for experiments in innovative governance.

5. Taking inspiration from libertarian penguin colonies

Last but not least, hosting LibertyCon in Antarctica presents an ideal opportunity to celebrate some newly discovered penguin colonies which have been observed to operate along libertarian principles. Although it is accepted that penguin colonies are not subject to any hierarchical structure comparable to government, researchers have become fascinated by a recently discovered community of penguins who produce and trade blocks of ice in order to build igloo cities.

These ingenious penguins are known to trade goods such as fish or ice at a sort of marketplace, and have a division of labor whereby individual penguins can specialize in different sectors of the economy. Although it is not yet confirmed, we are hopeful that a representative of this penguin colony will be able to speak at our conference!

In case you are reading this and are a bit confused, it might be a good time to check the date on your calendar.

From all of us at Students For Liberty, Happy April Fools’ Day!

We apologize to any penguins who may have been looking forward to attending our conference. Who knows, perhaps we will eventually be able to host a LibertyCon Antarctica.

For ACTUAL updates on LibertyCon 2021, be sure to stay tuned for the latest developments.

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