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Support, assistance, and opportunities for your liberty initiative

Are you an SFL Alumni? We will partner with alumni and alumni organizations interested in executing pro-liberty initiatives in their respective countries.

Applications open!

Alumni For Liberty (AFL) is an international network of citizens committed to advancing freedom in all aspects of society. Our 10,000 members from 132 countries include elected officials, journalists, academics, think tank directors, businesspeople, presidents of political organizations, etc.

Your Initiative. Our Support. Liberty's Progress.

Since its inception in 2008, Students For Liberty has welcomed tens of thousands of liberty-minded students into our programs. These students have spearheaded liberty initiatives across every inhabited continent.

Many of these initiatives grew beyond the confines of universities and the Local Coordinator Program. We understand the challenges of navigating this next phase.

To assist you in navigating this next phase, Alumni For Liberty is eager to offer financial support, technical assistance, networking opportunities, and institutional connections for your liberty initiative.

Through the Leading Liberty Initiative, AFL will collaborate with alumni and alumni organizations to execute pro-liberty projects in their respective countries.

These initiatives encompass a wide range of areas, including political activism, public policy, international advocacy, and community empowerment, among others.

Whether you work as individuals or through grassroots organizations, NGOs, academic institutions, or social enterprises, if you have a strong track record of freedom-driven projects, we encourage you to submit your proposals. Collaborative initiatives involving partnerships between different stakeholders are highly encouraged.

Why should you apply to the Leading Liberty Initiative?


More than just giving you money, we will support your fundraising efforts.


Taillored support sessions for your project.


Use the network of thousands of SFLers around the world to help you

Alumni For Liberty is committed to being an active partner throughout the implementation phase, ensuring the projects' success and positive social impact.

Who can and how to apply for the Leading For Liberty initiative?

Step 1

Alumni → You need to be an Alumni from SFL, i.e., have been part of the Local Coordinators Program in the past years.

Step 2

Liberty Initiative → Either as individuals or through their grassroots organizations, NGOs, academic institutions, and social enterprises with a strong track record of freedom-driven

Step 3

Analysis → Proposals should align with AFL’s objectives and focus areas well-defined, feasible, and designed to create long-lasting benefits for the target beneficiaries.

Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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