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Freedom of Expression

Students For Liberty firmly believes in the inherent right of every individual to express themselves freely.

Freedom of expression extends to the ability to question established beliefs, share ideas openly, engage in peaceful protest, and practice one’s chosen religion without fear of censorship or repression.

Furthermore, we assert that this freedom includes the right to form associations with others in any manner that is based on mutual consent.

Individuals and private institutions should always have the right to set their own rules and decide the terms of their association with other parties.


Strengthen free speech laws

End government censorship

Protect whistle-blower’s rights

Ensure academic freedom

Defend Section 230

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Freedom of Expression


Current restrictions on free speech and growing censorship trends in North America, including within our educational institutions, are concerning, unreasonable, and contrary to the core values of a free society.

Within the context of our universities, institutions that should be bastions of free thought and open dialogue, we are witnessing increasing threats to free speech. On campuses across North America, there have been incidents of discussions being shut down, faculty members facing consequences for expressing dissenting views, and students being pressured to conform to set ideas without questioning or debate.

Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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