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Not My Culture War

Do you feel like you’re being squeezed by ideologies that dictate how you should think, feel, speak, and live?

Tired of walking on eggshells while trying to avoid being politicized, even when you just peacefully go about your own business?

Tired of feeling like your life is used as an example as if it is an accessory to an ideology?

You’re not alone.

Most Americans want no part of the Culture War. We do not want to be pushed over to either of the extreme sides. We understand that life is not black and white. Most of our opinions are shades of grey, and bipartisan politics forces us to live in the shadows.

We believe in open societies in which individuals make their own decisions and do not face collectivist or tribalist obstacles to their pursuit of happiness. Yet, loud voices on each side are squeezing the middle, making us choose what should be imposed on others, if only to avoid having something imposed on ourselves.

We face a choice.

We can either all live the way these ideologues demand, or each of us can choose to live as they believe—especially when those beliefs do not coincide perfectly. We may have our own ideas of the best ways to live, but they can’t all be right for everyone. The result of others trying to tell everyone how to live means people are forced to choose sides. It’s oppress or be oppressed. But there’s another option:


The culture war is based on the presumption of authority. It assumes that the authority has all the answers on how to live, so as long as we are the authority, we are safe. This system does not bring a pluralist open society; it brings conflict and struggle.

History has repeatedly shown that human ingenuity, markets, and technological progress are the best solutions to the most challenging problems of humanity — including diseases, food production, or environmental challenges.

We endorse civil discourse on everything else. It’s an old ideal, but worth defending.

And we’re in danger of losing it.




We have curated a playlist on our Learn Liberty channel for viewers to access the most basic and critical ideas on how to live and let live.


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Join a tribe of change-makers on campuses across the globe! As an SFL Local Coordinator will receive training on how to become an effective advocate of liberty, in addition to gaining access to an international network of like-minded peers you can lean on throughout your years.


The current political climate has never been more hostile. People bully and pressure you to take a side with certain groups with their own agendas, when in reality the world is nuanced and complicated.

Luckily a third option exists, one that everyone can align with but until now has been disorganized and drowned out by media chatter. A perspective that allows you to finally breathe easy, and be supported in your very reasonable and normal wish to simply go about your business unhindered.

Students For Liberty (SFL) understands the toxic culture war dynamic is a win/lose proposition. We believe the way to create a prosperous and free society is to live and let live, and to allow people to associate as they wish for mutual benefit unless they transgress upon others. We are the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world, and take the presumption of liberty very seriously.

We educate, develop, and empower the next generation of leaders in these ideas to create a global network that advances liberty in all aspects of society. We endeavor to support students who have pro-liberty ideas, but feel they don’t have an adequate platform or resources. SFL has local coordinators all around the world who are committed to leveling the playing field and creating a healthier environment for advancing ideas that will create a freer future for all.

Students For Liberty invites you to join the growing movement of students across the globe that refuse to be a casualty of the culture war.

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Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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