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Nycollas Liberato

Nycollas Liberato

Brazilian Programs Manager

Bio:Nycollas Liberato is the Brazilian Programs Manager at Students For Liberty and CEO at Brasil Empreende. Business student at UFRGS, he was Director of Human Resources and Director of Events at Atlantos Institute, President of the Entrepreneurship and Freedom Club, Administrative and Social Projects Director at LIVRES / RS and Director and founder of NOVO / RS party youth, the only Brazilian libertarian party. He is a Counselor for “Leadership in Schools”, an alumnus of the Mises Brasil Institute and twice winner of the Smith Student Outreach award from Atlas Network as the best pro-freedom student project in the world. He joined SFL in 2015, being Local, State and Regional Coordinator and Brazilian Programs Associate.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Thomas Sowell, Friedrich Hayek, David Friedman, Adam Smith, Jordan Peterson.

On Students For Liberty: “Students For Liberty has the power to give people the most amazing objective possible: the pursuit of freedom.”