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Giorgi Sinauridze

Bio: Giorgi Sinauridze joined SFL as a Local Coordinator in Tbilisi in 2017, but soon became the National Coordinator for Georgia. Giorgi has also established a lasting partnership with Friedrich Naumann Foundation – South Caucasus, which is currently our biggest partner in Georgia. He managed to raise $34,000 in funds from Friedrich Naumann Foundation. Also, he founded Leaders of Tomorrow, an organization offering talented students from the Caucasus the opportunity to travel to international conferences and participate in projects, including SFL events, that advance their future careers through. Now he leads the International Medical Accreditation group for hospitals in Georgia.

Favorite figures in Liberty: Friedrich Hayek , Ludwig von Mises

On Students For Liberty: “Students For Liberty gave me the most important knowledge and information about everything I needed to be the person I am today.SFL helped me establish my own company, which is growing bigger day by day. I have become a team player; I have learned how to communicate with thousands of people; I learned how to take responsibility for myself, and most importantly, how to be a FREE person without any clichés.”

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