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Adolfo Mauricio Urquizo Gonzales

Bio: Adolfo M. Urquizo, born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Bolivia, is an architect with a specialization in Project Management and focused on research towards private cities. As architect has won acknowledgements in the Bolivian Architecture Biennale 2017 and the Santa Cruz Architecture Biennale 2018 and currently develops his activities as an independent architect. Simultaneously, has been involved with student movements the last 8 years, like FEE since 2018 and as a member of SFL since 2014, where has taken the roles of National Director for Paraguay, Bolivia and Regional Coordinator for the Andes Region.
Favorite Figures in Liberty: Bastiat, L. Von Mises, M. Rothbard, J. Huerta de Soto
On Students For Liberty: “SFL feels like home. It’s where not only you find tools and resources to study and to grow, but also meet principled people from whom to learn and proudly call your friends.”

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