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Jan Škapa

Bio: Jan is the Senior Director of Systems at Students For Liberty. He holds a bachelor’s in Systems Engineering & IT and two master’s degrees in Corporate Finance and Law. In 2007, Jan started as a web developer and IT project manager. He currently runs his own IT services business called Maintask. Always eager to learn, he’s passionate about IT, tech, economics, business, law, and Bitcoin.

In 2013, Jan co-founded the fast-growing Students for Liberty Czech Republic, a nationwide organization dedicated to connecting students and spreading the ideas of liberty. When he’s not busy championing freedom, Jan enjoys cycling and playing tennis.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Matt Ridley, Fredéric Bastiat, Lawrence Reed, Henry Hazlitt, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard

On Students For Liberty: “Students For Liberty unites us beyond borders, celebrating our unique talents, nurturing character, and championing the freedom to live and let live. It is the very spirit of friendship, fun, and liberty.”

Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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