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Mikayla Novak

Dr. Mikayla Novak is Australiaʼs leading female economist in the classical liberal tradition. She has contributed to the research efforts of various think tanks, including The Centre for Independent Studies (Australia), Institute of Public Affairs (Australia), The Cato Institute (United States), The Foundation of Economic Education (United States), and Center for a Stateless Society (United States). Dr. Novak is a prolific contributor to policy debates in her own country, with over 100 opinion articles on public finance, government administration, regulation and social policy issues, articles in applied policy journals, and numerous contributions to books on issues in classical liberalism. She has been widely recognised for her work in benchmarking taxation burdens, as well as for developing Australia’s first sub‑national economic freedom index. Dr. Novak was awarded a doctorate in economics at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia), the ‘George Mason University’ of the southern hemisphere, and a First Class Honours economics degree at The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia). Her research interests include public sector economics, social policy, economic freedom, individual rights, economic history, history of economic thought, economic sociology, and classical liberal philosophy.


  • Economic Consequences of the Size of Government
  • Economic and Non-Economic Implications of Economic Freedom
  • Impacts and Costs of the Regulatory State
  • Addressing Inequality Issues From Classical Liberal Perspectives
  • Libertarian Feminism and Gender Identity

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