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Adriana Schumacher

Bio: Adriana Schumacher is the Brazilian Marketing Manager at Students For Liberty. Graduated from Law School, she started to get involved with the libertarian movement in 2013. Since then, in addition to her legal practice, she also started to write several articles and analysis about Economics, Law, Philosophy and Politics on a regular basis, always addressing each issue under a libertarian perspective. Afterwards, Adriana was invited to work as a volunteer at Instituto Atlantos, a libertarian institution focused on promoting and spreading the ideals of Liberty. As an Atlantos member, she contributed to the production and drafting of articles, as well as to the organization of events, lectures and conferences.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Murray N. Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Thomas Sowell, Lysander Spooner and Edmund Burke.

On Students For Liberty: “More than a pleasure, to me it is a true honor to be part of a team so engaged and passionate about defending and promoting what truly matters and lacks in our world today: the utter respect, love and defense not only of your own freedom, but of the freedom of others as well.”

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