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Your Quarantine Video Playlist

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While we know this time can be incredibly challenging for a multitude of factors, having extra time at home means we are presented with a unique opportunity to grow our knowledge and skill set. Best of all, this can all be done 100% online! 

Below, we are presenting you with our ‘best of’ playlist series, which you can access on our Learn Liberty YouTube Channel. 

1. Law 201 course: Law 201 is the brand new academic course available at SFL Academy, for anyone who is interested in learning about constitutionalism, theory of rights, immigration, and more. This playlist features three modules from the full course. Here you can learn about immigration, constitutionalism, and criminal law.

2. Free Speech:  Some of professor Laura Kipnis’ students thought she should be fired over writing a controversial essay. Here’s her take on standing up to censorship and writing the truth as she sees it. 

3. Schools of Thought in Classical Liberalism: What is “classical liberalism?” Is it a specific set of beliefs, a philosophy, an economic theory, or something else? In this series, Dr. Nigel Ashford explores what classical liberalism — sometimes called “libertarianism” — actually means. Dr. Ashford looks at five different schools of classical liberalism, or otherwise known as libertarianism, and examines how they are similar and how they are different.  Dr. Ashford hopes that as you explore this series, you will think deeply about your own beliefs and political philosophy, and draw your own conclusions.

4. Prof. Antony Davies: Prof. Antony Davies is a regular guest at Learn Liberty. Here are some of the videos he has contributed towards, where he discusses fiscal policies, the government role in economics, the environment, behavioral economics, and much more.

5. Fundamentals of Political Economy: In this course, Prof. Dan Russel presents the concepts of wealth, economies of scale, transactions, comparative advantages, ethics of choosing, property rights, and more.

6. US Economic History: Prof. Brian Domitrovic discusses American economic history from mercantilism to the present day, going through all of the country’s historical changes and providing detailed insight on how it has affected the world.

7. Behavioral Economics:  At some point in our distant past, a human who had food met another who had a spear. The two exchanged goods, and left better off than when they had met. As simple as it sounds, a highly evolved version of this concept is the reason we have planes, computers, and the internet today. Professor Antony Davies of Duquesne University and Erika Davies of George Mason University explain the behavioral aspects of economic exchanges in this quick course.

8. Foreign Policy, Explained: Foreign Policy, Explained is presented by Abby Hall Blanco from the University of Tampa. Check out topics on government surveillance, militarization of police in America, torture and police brutality, the boomerang effect, and the military industrial complex.

9. Don Quijote: Why should you read Don Quixote (…if you love freedom)? Is Don Quixote a libertarian novel? Professor of Literature, Eric C. Graf, talks about “Don Quixote” and its messages about liberty.

10. Income Inequality, Explained: These videos will help you understand how income inequality, poverty, and wealth are connected and how some of the actions taken towards reducing poverty actually prevent people from becoming wealthier.

11. Economics Made Easy: Here is a list of short videos that will give you bite-size information about economics, so you can debate while in quarantine.

12. Libertarianism, Explained: People who consider themselves to be libertarians value liberty in all areas of society. This playlist will explain some of the main concepts that libertarians hold dear to them, such as the rule of law, the non-aggression principle, and individualism.

13. #KeepAskingWhy: #KeepAskingWhy is a video series featuring our scholars’ answers to YOUR questions. Got a question you’d like answered? Hit us up with the hashtag #KeepAskingWhy!

14. Debates: Here is a list of some of the debates held by Learn Liberty in different events, featuring the justification of war, immigration, the flaws in capitalism, privacy and much more.

15. Drug War Stories: Check out some stories that would make you laugh if they weren’t true. Prof. Alex Kreit explains some of the most controversial stories related to drug use and how the loopholes in American law can be used by everyone, including you.

16. Pop Culture & Economics: Have you ever wondered what the ‘Hunger Games’ can teach us about our society today? Or the link between ‘The Walking Dead’, Tocqueville and voluntary cooperation? These videos will make up a case using pop culture as a starting point to discuss some valuable concepts of economics, social sciences, history and liberty.

17. War On Drugs: We all must agree that the War on Drugs is probably the worst policy ever implemented in the 20th century, affecting millions of lives all around the globe. These videos will help you understand how it all started, how it affected ordinary people, and why we must begin talking about drug use in a mature and conscious way.

18. Liberty is Personal – Storytelling Series: Learn Liberty’s “Liberty is Personal” storytelling series explores what makes people care deeply about personal freedom, peace, and taking a stand against oppression. Each story is true, personal, and told without notes. “Liberty is Personal” is an experiment in education based on what shapes us— real life experience. Learn Liberty provides learning resources from top-notch educators; we aspire to inspire and kindle conversation.

Happy Streaming!


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