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How to become a better activist for liberty on campus

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Campus activists face many challenges in their efforts to effectively promote the ideas of liberty to their peers. Even those who are highly competent and motivated can find the whole experience frustrating if they are isolated from any network and have nowhere to turn for support.

It may seem a daunting task to establish a new campus group from scratch, or organize a large event single handedly. Students may feel impeded by a lack of resources or experience. Many would feel they could benefit from the opportunity to discuss ideas with like minded individuals in similar situations.

Seek out powerful resources as an investment in your future

Whether online courses, seminars, mentorship programs, or material support for projects through networks and organizations, powerful resources are available to assist in your development as an activist. Seeking out these opportunities and getting more involved represents an investment in your future, as well as a framework within which to highlight and discuss the ideas and issues that matter to you.

Grow your leadership skills

By seeking learning opportunities and taking initiative as activists, students can not only make a difference on campus and in their communities but also develop valuable leadership skills that are crucial to professional development. While seeking guidance can prove extremely valuable, it is important for students to drive their own projects in order to develop into leaders.

Join a global network

Building connections with other student groups and becoming part of a regional or global network is a sure way to enhance your activism. As part of a global movement, students can meet others with a shared passion for liberty from around the world, exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and build lasting friendships.

Our Local Coordinator Program has helped thousands of students develop and succeed

Students For Liberty has grown significantly since its inception in 2008, playing an important role in the personal and professional development of thousands of alumni. We are the largest global pro-liberty student organization with a presence in over 100 countries across every inhabited continent.

Those involved in our Local Coordinator Program over the years continue to promote the ideas of liberty through their careers across a number of different sectors. Many of our alumni have gone on to create new think tanks, start successful businesses, get elected to public office, and build careers in media or academia.

Students For Liberty is seeking to invest in ambitious students, both undergraduate and graduate, who have a passion for promoting the values of a free society. Those accepted onto our programs will be offered the tools that can help them on their journey to becoming more effective leaders for liberty while also developing marketable skills. Campus activism is just one example of the many fields in which our Local Coordinator Program helps aspiring leaders to develop.

If you are interested in getting involved in promoting the ideas of liberty, developing your skills, and connecting with a network of like-minded students across the world, be sure to click on the button below to learn more about our Local Coordinator Program.


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