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Donor Profile: Dorothy Scott

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Donor profile: Dorothy Scott

Dorothy Scott doesn’t remember a time when liberty, along with personal responsibility and a strong work ethic, wasn’t part of her moral framework. As she told Students For Liberty, “I was born this way.” She learned to be responsible at an early age.

Honing liberty values at an early age

While attending boarding school for girls in Maryland during World War II, she was able to visit Washington, DC and was inspired by the museums and monuments. From there, she developed an interest in politics.

At school, Mrs. Scott listened to the news every night and kept a map on her desk to mark how far allied forces had proceeded towards victory. She remembers that then, everyone believed in liberty and that there was too much government in the everyday lives of citizens.

Mrs. Scott believes that people simply need to have their talents developed. “The government discourages things people can do for themselves and discourages them from making the most of their lives and potential,” she told SFL. “Everyone was born with potential; if it is taken away too much, they lose it. It’s sad and the government makes it worse. They’re robbing people.”

In the 1950s, Mrs. Scott went on to work in the military intelligence industry. She studied information that our military gathered and found that “communists were very clever in how they went about their agenda. It took them a while, but they went into the schools and primary colleges.” The problem is that this indoctrination is successful, she found. “How do you change that when the child has been raised in that atmosphere? How do you change something that students think are rights, not privileges?”

The consequence of government handouts

As an adult, Ms. Scott ran a business with her husband and noticed that “businesses change so much because of regulations. You can’t run a business how you’d like because the government will run it for you.” She said it was even hard to reward certain employees for good work because there was always a government agency to which to bring a complaint.

She worries that today, young people reach legal adulthood without knowing how to choose a candidate or what side to choose on an issue. Unlike “older people who knew better than to promote socialism,” she said that too many young people today have everything handed to them.

For too many young people, she sees that “the giveaway is more appealing than earning it themselves. It ruins the potential of young people because they vote for free things. The government should not be in healthcare. The government should not be in education.”

Why Dorothy Scott supports Students For Liberty

Dorothy Scott supports Students For Liberty because “those kids have the country in their hands right now,” and they need to be educated in principles which will protect us into the future.

As someone who didn’t have the right to vote until she was 21, she doesn’t take anything for granted.

These days, a lot of organizations are competing for her support, but she said that she is “always looking to promote liberty, education, and freedom.” She is giving even more carefully at this time to ensure that there is enough money to keep her employees jobs’ safe, but she supports SFL because we are an organization she sees to be “fighting the things they should be fighting; trying to make a difference.”

Mrs. Scott knows the importance of education. She wants people to know she supports SFL because she’s “just interested in educating people. When people don’t think for themselves, they need to get involved with an organization that teaches them how to think or exposes them to what is going on and what can make a difference in their life.”

She sees schools indoctrinating even young children and “without SFL making a footprint and making a change, they are going to think like the schools for the rest of their lives. Organizations that just push people to vote don’t get what the consequences of that vote will be.”

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