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Myat Sandar Zaw

Local Coordinator, Myanmar

Myat is a Students For Liberty Local Coordinator from the Asia-Pacific region. She joined SFL in March 2022 with the purpose of enriching herself with libertarian values and spreading them to her country, Myanmar, where these values are unfamiliar and often misunderstood. She is an undergraduate student specializing in international relations at the University of Yangon, Myanmar. It was during her freshman year when she was introduced with political theories including liberalism, and her thirst for knowledge about different branches of liberalism blossomed. Her areas of interest include political philosophy, foreign policy, current events, social issues, and free market environmentalism. Besides, she enjoys learning about different cultures and histories particularly those of Europe and the Middle East. She also loves nature photography, running, doing cardio, and watching and playing tennis.

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Myat Sandar Zaw

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