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Devika Dinesh

Local Coordinator, India

Devika Dinesh is currently a second-year Integrated Masters student at IIT Madras, who is as undecided about her major as she is about most things in life. However, amongst the few, rare topics in which she has a fiercely decisive stance is that everyone deserves to live in a society that protects and promotes their liberty. Which sounds pretty basic, until it’s not. Devika was born into a typical immigrant Keralite family with all its pseudo-Communist affiliations, but she has recently discovered that there just may be more to the world and its problems than mere righteous anger and internet outrage. This has led her to cautiously approach and learn about as many schools of thought as she possibly can, while also trying to figure out where theory and abstract ideas intersect with ground reality. If she had to pick a single cause to stake her life on, it would undoubtedly be child rights, although that in itself is a pretty vast arena. Questions related to poverty to the extent of starvation, hatred to the extent of violence, discrimination on the basis of genuinely arbitrary factors, and so on tend to keep her up at night.

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Devika Dinesh

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