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Clenora Hudson-Weems

Guest Author, United States

Professor of English, University of Missouri-Columbia. Emmett Till Expert whose 1988 Ford Doctoral Dissertation (U of Iowa), “Emmett Till: The Impetus of the Modern Civil Rights Movement,” was the 1st to establish Till as the catalyst, rather than an embarrassment, of the Civil Rights Movement of the 50s and the 60s. Author of Emmett Till: The Sacrificial Lamb of the Civil Rights Movement (1994); The Definitive Emmett Till: Passion and Battle of a Woman for Truth and Intellectual Justice (2007); Plagiarism—Physical and Intellectual Lynchings: An Emmett Till Continuum (2007); Emmett—Legacy, Redemption and Forgiveness (2014), and numerous Book Chapters, Articles, etc.

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Clenora Hudson-Weems

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