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Washington, D.C., January 19, 2023 –  A delegation from Alumni For Liberty (AFL), Students For Liberty’s alumni network, met with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) last week. With this, AFL continues its initiative to champion true youth representation in policy decisions and enhance financial inclusion for immigrants in Europe. This engagement anticipates the upcoming European Parliament elections in 2024, with a dedicated focus on fostering true youth representation in the political landscape.

Led by Jorge Jraissati, Director of Alumni For Liberty, the delegation included SFL alumni Raul Carrasco (Spain) and Felix Hosse (Germany). They engaged with MEPs to explore avenues for fostering a more inclusive and representative perspective for youth and migrants.

Jorge Jraissati stated, “We have two proposals for the members of the parliament in Brussels—to advocate for youth inclusion in the policy process and financial inclusion of all immigrants in Europe. Our goal is to meet with policymakers, ensuring that upcoming resolutions and recommendations incorporate concrete mechanisms to solve these issues, expanding people’s freedoms as a result.”

Felix Hosse further articulated, “Our advocacy extends to promoting the financial inclusion of migrants and facilitating their entry into the banking system through the utilization of existing technology. This aligns with our perspective as classical liberals to promote economic freedom by removing senseless barriers and regulations. Regarding youth, we see as a problem the lack of mechanisms for young Europeans to voice their opinions in key institutions like the European Parliament and Council of Europe. As a German citizen, I want to change this.”

Our commitment involves championing the financial inclusion of migrants, and facilitating their entry into the banking system through the utilization of existing technology. This aligns with our perspective as classical liberals, urging the EU to step aside and allow us to concentrate on delivering our core message.”

Raul Carrasco echoed this sentiment, stating, “We’ve observed a significant influx of Latin American migrants to Europe, yet not all of them have achieved financial inclusion. Our collective effort aims to advocate for policy solutions that address these challenges faced by immigrants.”

The visit targeted the need for comprehensive mechanisms that surpass existing structures, ensuring that youth delegates authentically mirror the diverse views, expectations, and concerns of young people. Drawing insights from AFL’s extensive global network of 10,000 youth leaders, the delegation emphasized the significance of addressing economic challenges encountered by the younger generation.

AFL is committed to sustaining an ongoing dialogue with MEPs, Members of National Parliaments, and other government officials. The SFL alumni network seeks to introduce its research, testimonials, and policy recommendations to collaboratively construct transparent mechanisms and procedures, and ultimately, policy reform. These mechanisms will facilitate the inclusion of youth input in the Assembly’s economic and financial policy frameworks and recommendations.

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Alumni For Liberty (AFL) is a network of Students For Liberty (SFL) alumni committed to advancing freedom in all aspects of society. We have over 10,000 members from 139 countries. Our members include elected officials, journalists, academics, businesspeople, and other leaders committed to forming a truly global pro-liberty coalition.

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