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Copenhagen, May 15, 2023 Jorge Jraissati, Director of Alumni For Liberty, has been invited to participate as a speaker at the esteemed Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023. The event, hosted by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, will take place on May 15-16 at The Royal Danish Playhouse/Skuespilhuset in Sankt Annæ Plads 36, Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Democracy Summit, organized by the non-profit Alliance of Democracies Foundation, aims to become a leading voice for democracy worldwide. The event brings together prominent heads of state, opposition leaders, and influencers to discuss the enhancement of the global pro-democracy movement and address the continuous decline of democratic values across the globe. 

In his contribution, Jraissati will advocate for the principles of a free society. He will also emphasize the importance of building a true global coalition to advance democracy in authoritarian countries like Venezuela and Belarus. Jorge has also stated the importance of keep supporting the Ukrainian people in their quest for peace and sovereignty.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the event, Jorge Jraissati remarked, “The Copenhagen Democracy Summit provides a crucial platform for leaders from democratic nations, multilateral organizations, and politically repressed countries to come together. The decline of democracy in recent years has resulted in immense suffering and repression for millions of people.”

“It is an honor to be among distinguished speakers such as President Zelenskyy, President Tsai, Prime Minister Kallas, and Secretary Stoltenberg, as we strive to build an international pro-democracy coalition.”

Jorge Jraissati will represent Alumni For Liberty, aiming to ensure that the voices of freedom advocates are heard by influential figures in politics and diplomacy. The event will witness a distinguished lineup of global leaders, including Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Petr Pavel, Nancy Pelosi, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and many others.

Jorge Jraissati is available for interviews and questions regarding his participation at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit.

For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact:

Brian S. Lambrecht
Students For Liberty
[email protected]

About Jorge Jraissati:

Jorge Jraissati is the Director of Alumni For Liberty, an NGO with 10,000 freedom advocates in 132 countries. Jorge’s work is focused on establishing initiatives aimed at advancing liberal democracy and economic development in several countries. Jorge is an economist and is currently conducting research about the Venezuelan crisis at IESE Business School. Jorge’s work has been presented at universities like Cambridge, Stanford, and Harvard and published at places like Foreign Policy, the Brookings Institution, and Oxford University Press.

About Copenhagen Democracy Summit:

The Copenhagen Democracy Summit, organized by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, is a flagship event dedicated to promoting democratic values, fostering international cooperation, and addressing challenges faced by democracies worldwide. The Alliance of Democracies Foundation, founded by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former NATO Secretary General and Prime Minister of Denmark, aims to become a leading voice in advocating for democracy and strengthening democratic institutions.

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