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MCLEAN, VA., March 8, 2023

Recently, the Georgian parliament supported a law similar to the Foreign Agents Act in Russia. 

This bill, which was passed while massive protests were occurring, states that any entity that receives 20% of its annual revenue from “foreign sources” must be designated as a foreign agent and registered with the same label.

It is well known that for the Russian government, which inspired this bill, the term ‘foreign agent’ is a euphemism for “spy” or “traitor” and will not be limited to persecuting entities that are registered but, eventually, will expand to media houses, non-governmental organizations, and any platform that does not align with the government’s agenda.

At Students For Liberty (SFL), we believe that this legislation is a severe infringement on the freedom of expression and will curtail the freedom of the press and civil liberties of Georgians engaged in civil society and expose them to intimidation and the threat of unjust imprisonment.

We strongly reject the use of violence perpetrated by the government against the peaceful demonstrators who are expressing their disgust at this authoritarian measure taken out by the authorities. We stand with our volunteers and friends in Georgia in their effort to protect their civil liberties and freedom of speech.

SFL calls on the international community to pay close attention to the human rights violations that are occurring currently and to show their support to those who are fighting for a free Georgia.

On behalf of Students For Liberty,

Elizabeth Tsereteli 

+32 495 83 70 16

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