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This spring, many friends of liberty from across Europe and beyond will gather in Prague for the return of LibertyCon Europe, which takes place in the Czech capital on April 23-24, 2022.

There’s a reason why we’re hosting LibertyCon in Prague in particular. It has a combination of beauty and history while also being one of the go-to destinations for tourists looking to have a good time. Here are our top three picks for reasons to visit Prague this spring!

1. Prague’s historic charm

With over 1,000 years of history, Prague is a city celebrated for its architectural charm. The Old Town, also known as Staré Město, is famed for its picturesque sites in the gothic and baroque style, placed among winding cobblestone streets. 

The Old Town Square has the oldest astronomical clock from all the way back in 1410. It’s fitting then that the square is defined by its statue to famous 15th century theologian and philosopher Jan Hus. 

Visitors can discover many picturesque sites by exploring the famous Old Town, crossing the iconic Charles Bridge over the river Vltava, and heading up to the imposing Prague Castle.

You can walk down from the square across the Charles Bridge on the river Vltava, which will take you to pleasant districts such as Malá Strana and Hradčany, with their important historic palaces and Prague Castle. Some notable vantage points are located nearby, with places such as Letná Park or the Petřín Lookout Tower offering stunning views of the city.

2. Museums and landmarks

As with many large cities, Prague has its own special museums and historical sites. The National Museum (Národní muzeum) has exhibits on history, natural history, science, and arts. It’s prominently located at the top of Wenceslas Square. 

The main building of this museum, recently renovated, has an interesting story. In 1968, the museum was shot at by the invading Soviet army. After reconstruction and renovations, the bullet holes in the facade remain visible to this day, much like many buildings in Cuba; a enduring trace of war and revolution.  

Pertinent to the political nature of LibertyCon, Prague houses the Museum of Communism, which covers various aspects of Czechoslovakia’s communist era. On the opposite side of the Old Town, next to the Quadrio shopping center, visitors can find the famous rotating head sculpture of celebrated local writer Franz Kafka. 

Furthermore, the Franz Kafka Museum can be found just across the river, not far from Charles Bridge. In the nearby Malá Strana district, the Lennon Wall is well worth a visit for anyone interested in street art.

Even in the city center, visitors do not need to travel far to find beautiful green spaces, such as the Deer Moat (Jelení příkop), a natural valley surrounding Prague Castle. Furthermore, Prague Zoo, located about 5 kilometers north of the Old Town, is considered among the best in Europe.

Prague is also famous for its operas and classical music. The National Theater (Národní divadlo), located by the river Vltava, carries a powerful story of private collective action. In the 19th century, construction of the National Theater was financed through private fundraising. When the structure burned down shortly before its completion, more fundraising enabled the project to finally be built.

3. Culture, food, and nightlife

Prague has long been one of Europe’s main cultural hubs, and this reputation has only increased in recent years. Indeed, culture, food, and nightlife are some of the foremost reasons to visit Prague. 

The city is known for its beer culture and is home to numerous famous pubs. One of the most celebrated pubs is U Zlatého tygra (At the Golden Tiger), located in the heart of the Old Town in a historic building adorned since 1702 with a relief of a golden tiger. In 1994, this pub was famously visited by U.S. president Bill Clinton at the invitation of Czech president Václav Havel. It has also been a favorite of many well-known writers.

A similar atmosphere can be found in U Pinkasů, one of Prague’s most famous restaurants. Other places renowned for their traditional Czech cuisine include Restaurace Mlejnice and Bredovský dvůr. Furthermore, a hidden gem to look out for is the Restaurace Terasa u Prince, a bar and grill located on a rooftop overlooking the Old Town Square and with a view of the Astronomical Clock.

Another of the best reasons to visit Prague is its nightlife. Many famous clubs can be found in and around the city center, such as Klub Lávka, near Charles Bridge on the side of the Old Town. Another famous venue is Cross Club, a bit outside the city center to the north. 

Ever since the fall of communism, the Czech capital has been growing in prominence as a prime nightlife destination for international visitors. It just goes to show the blooming of individual expression when people are free to pursue their own ends!

Prague is a city that has something to offer for everyone, and we hope you enjoy your visit to the city on the occasion of ESFL’s annual LibertyCon!

Tickets are selling fast. If you’d like to attend LibertyCon Europe 2022, you can register by clicking on the button below. 

We hope to see you there!


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