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We have a lot to be thankful for here at Students For Liberty.

Our staff and students get to work every day towards making the world a better place and it is inspiring to be building a global network of leaders advancing liberty in all aspects of society. 

We asked our students why they’re thankful to our donors for the opportunities you make possible and we were overwhelmed by their replies. Here are a few:

SFL has made me fearless. Before SFL I was really alone. There weren’t many libertarians where I’m from. As an activist, I feel more courageous. I think I would categorize my experience – I was very shy, very afraid, but being here and having such a great community… I know people have my back.”

-Alejandra Franganillo, USA

SFL has taught me how to be less combative and ready to listen to the other side. I used to be a lot more abrasive when I was younger. Once I started to gravitate to SFL, I became less abrasive and more willing to listen to people and understand there are way more viewpoints that are valid. It made me want to change people’s minds through discussion, not hostility.”

-Aaron Sobczak, USA

A lot of mentoring I’ve gotten makes me want to mentor in the future.”

-Isadore Johnson, USA

“I would say SFL has taught me that thinking bigger is better. When you dream bigger, you achieve bigger. It helped shape my mind into a thought process where if I’m going to do something big I’m going to do it well. Especially looking at activists in other countries who face things worse than we do in the US – SFL inspires me in that way.”

-Jeremy Chandler, USA

“I’ve been forced to legitimize and back up my own ideas. When you’ve got a bunch of libertarians in a room, you have to be able to articulate why you believe what you do. You have to reexamine what’s my evidence for this, what are my principles, and how did my principles lead me to this conclusion.”

-Roark Sweidy Stata, USA

Through SFL’s programs, I am educated, developed, and empowered to be better equipped as a future leader of liberty.”

-Jessica Gunawan, Indonesia

SFL has made me more of a person who understands instead of just posting memes on the internet. It’s helped me gain concrete skills – as well as a network and access to resources.”

-Rachel Zack, Canada

“SFL is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I feel like I got a family of like-minded people with whom I can share my thoughts. SFL gave me a great opportunity to learn, develop, and interact with a lot of students all over the world. “
-Aminath Raudha, Maldives

SFL not only polished my leadership skills but also my motivation to spread liberty became stronger.”

-Aanchal Kothari, India

I came to know that today’s human civilization is the gift of yesterday’s humans who fought for freedom and raised their voices against restrictions that used to be prevalent in each and every sector of our society so now we have the responsibility to preserve and flourish freedom in each and every sector of our society. Now, it is fully dependent upon us how we use the power of freedom for the excellence of not only humans but also for the excellence of nature!!!”

-Biplav Poudel, Nepal/Bhutan

Students For Liberty has been a great platform for me to get connected, learn, engage, empower, and experience. I would like to express my gratitude to SFL for this amazing opportunity.”

-Rishav Das, Nepal/Bhutan

“SFL has been a second home to me where I have been provided with the opportunity to nurture and grow, not just as an individual but also as a professional. SFL is not just an organization where I volunteer, but also a family to me.”

-Aryan Jalali, India

“I felt that in the process of managing and organizing events I grew up as a refined speaker as well as a confident personality. Now I can have a conversation for hours and can put my points across with utmost credibility and calmness.”

-Fasal Rehman Quraishi, Afghanistan

By joining SFL, I got the chance to educate myself further about the ideas of liberalism and am now able to spread this knowledge in the world. For me, SFL is not only a community in which we have the same goal of advancing liberty, but also some sort of family.”

-Paulina Plinke, Germany

I found that SFL has given me the most entrepreneurial, real-world education. Go out and contact speakers and sit at a table and flyer. Just do things. That is something I’ve taken the most out of SFL and apply anywhere in life. You can just do things and try.”

-Ethan Fisher, Canada

Learning liberty, living liberty, and sharing liberty is all I ever wanted. Thanks Students For Liberty.”

-Oluwatosin Ogundeyi, Nigeria

“It is really a privilege to be a member of Students For Liberty as this organization has, and is still opening my eyes to the importance of liberty. More importantly, I’m getting the confidence needed to stand for liberty — and justice — at all times.”
-Oluwadamilola David, Nigeria

SFL has changed me from living life knowing nothing about the government, how they are limiting us and what we can do to break out from it.”

-Victor Chukwuemeka, Nigeria

SFL allowed me to externalize the leadership in me. Thank you SFL.”

-Yawo Jean-Pierre Bouaka, Togo

“I am passionate about the strength with which everyone works to spread the ideas of liberty and apply them to our society. SFL has helped me grow since it motivates me to use my art as a means of dissemination, which is constant work. Thank you for all that you have donated.”

-Ramses Vasquez, México

From the SFL family to yours, thank you. We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

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