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Oluwadamilola Adepoju, our National Coordinator for Nigeria, discusses her experience working with Students For Liberty.

1. What made you decide to join Students For Liberty?

Adeniyi Moronfolu, a former leader and alumnus at Students For Liberty introduced me to the organization in 2016.

In 2017, I had the chance to attend the SFL West Africa Regional Conference (WARC) in Ibadan, Nigeria. At this conference, I learned more about the mission and vision of Students For Liberty, the ideas of liberty, as well as the libertarian approach to issues concerning government, economic growth and society welfarism at large.

I was inspired to join the SFL family in order to widen my knowledge about libertarianism, and I was also excited  to make friends with like minded people and have the opportunity to network with libertarians globally.

All of these factors spurred my decision to join Students For Liberty, and it has been the best decision I’ve made so far.

2. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment as a student leader with Students For Liberty?

For me, the greatest achievements are whatever milestones me and my team are able to carry out to promote the mission and vision of Students For Liberty.

However, I think my greatest accomplishment was becoming  a National Coordinator at Students For Liberty. I have always worked closely with previous National Coordinators to organize events and plan activities that promote the ideas of liberty.

Being a National Coordinator has enabled me to use the skills, tools and resources I’ve acquired to enhance my leadership acumen and inspire other local coordinators across Nigeria.

3. What are some of the best tools and resources Students For Liberty gave you?

The best tools and resources Students For Liberty gave me besides an in-depth understanding of the ideas of liberty and access to a global libertarian networking community, is the ability to manage my time and effectively carry out projects. SFL has honed my leadership skills and helped me develop project and time management skills.

4. What made you interested in the ideas of liberty?

The desire to make an impact on the quality of life that young people have access to, share new ideas, and explore the concepts which allow everyone to get to the best of who they are is what drives me to be interested in the ideas of liberty.

In short, the thirst for a free society, economic growth, and a better government in my country and Africa at large has propelled my interest in the ideas of liberty.

5. What does liberty mean to you?

I consider liberty to be the state or condition of being able to do as one pleases without being restricted, while at the same time not infringing on the rights of others.

It is the state of being free from control or oppressive restrictions imposed by any authority on one’s life, behaviors, or individual perspective.

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