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Moses Sinkala, our National Coordinator for Zambia, discusses his experience working with Students For Liberty.

1. What made you decide to join Students For Liberty?

Before joining Students For Liberty, I had always been looking at how I could make a huge impact in society by advocating for freedom. When I finally got introduced to Students For Liberty, I knew I had found the perfect organization to help me make that huge impact. Advocating for civil and economic liberties has been my passion and SFL is helping me do just that.

2. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment as a student leader with Students For Liberty?

Since I joined Students For Liberty, I have been able to preach the importance of defending and advocating for freedom to over ten thousand people across Zambia and other parts of Africa through hosting events. This has been my major accomplishment because many lives were touched, some of whom have joined SFL to work with me in this noble cause.

3. What are some of the best tools and resources Students For Liberty gave you?

The best tools and resources Students For Liberty has given me include the knowledge on classical liberal ideas through various trainings and workshops, and the platform to carry out my advocacy in Zambia under the SFL brand. The journey has been amazing!

4. What made you interested in the ideas of liberty?

Imagining  how beautiful the world would be if all of us just loved, and just lived peacefully without mistreating, judging, or disrespecting one another, and just being able to trade freely without interference from the state was enough for me to be interested in the ideas of liberty.

5. What does liberty mean to you?

Liberty to me means being able to express myself socially, being able to express myself religiously, and just being able to express myself economically and as an individual while taking responsibility for my decisions and actions, without the state or anyone interfering in my life.

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