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Africa Students For Liberty Regional Conference Line Up

Bringing together hundreds of students, young leaders from across the continent, featuring dozens of international speakers, and offering a memorable experience.

ASFL Regional Conferences are events held to introduce new students to the ideas of liberty and provide a forum in which students already dedicated to liberty can become effective leaders. They serve as a combination of pep rally, debate forum, lecture hall, strategy room, and networking session for students interested in the principles of human and economic freedom. By hosting large conferences in a diversity of regions, the Regional Conferences help bring the ideas of liberty to the students rather than require students to travel great distances to the sites where they can learn about liberty.

Speakers at our Regional Conference come from all walks of life but share an interest in promoting human and economic freedom.

The ASFL Regional Conference experience is one of its kind that cannot be matched by any other student organization in the world. They present a weekend long of learning about the classical liberal ideas from the best pro-liberty advocates in Africa, debates by participants, presentations on our achievement in advocating for free markets and liberty thus far, networking between participants and socials where new friends are made!

No one will move Africa forward except us! It is time to identify the wrongs and make a difference. Join us as we drive excellent discussions around policy issues in Africa, and steer way forward. Join us as we lead the continent to prosperity through the ideas of freedom, free markets, tolerance, and entrepreneurship.

2023 Regional Conferences

july 2024

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