Local Coordinator Program

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The National Coordinators Program seeks to reward top-performing Local Coordinators from all over Africa to lead ASFL activities in their countries and be the main points of contact for their country/region.

The National Coordinator will be the main point of contact for ASFL in their specific country/region and will work closely with Regional Coordinator for their region in managing ASFL. The National Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Communicating with LCs and ASFL chapter members on the SFL policies and guidelines that should be implemented;
  • Maintaining the high quality of events we have at SFL and providing resources to the student leaders in their country/region responsible for organizing the strategic plan for their country including input from their Local Coordinators;
  • Ensuring effective progress toward achieving their Action Plan;
  • Work with Local Coordinators to develop their RREs;
  • Ensure up to date reporting of events and follow up with proposals by their LCs;
  • And training, coaching, and mentoring members of their National team.

National Coordinators at ASFL join the Top Leaders team and get access to programs, materials, and support from SFL that help develop their leadership skills

Leaders interested in learning management are invited to apply for this second-tier leadership role with increased knowledge and experience as an all-round leader for liberty. This application is open only to Local Coordinators.

Complete the online application

SFL will contact you if you are selected

Those who are accepted to the LC training program will be required to complete our online training program.

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