SFL’s student leaders are our boots on the ground around the world, and we’re constantly growing our SFamiLy. Check out our list of activism programs open to libertarian students:

  • 11760261_10206143451439102_5193765316857417097_nCampus Coordinator Program: Since its inception in 2010, SFL’s Campus Coordinator Program has been the greatest source of growth for our organization. Campus Coordinators (CC’s) are SFL’s community organizers for liberty on America’s college campuses, spreading the message of liberty by distributing free resources and organizing conferences every school year. As many CC’s will tell you, joining the program is a life-changing experience, exposing participants to the liberty movement’s vast network to build life-long professional and personal relationships. (To apply for a Local Coordinator program outside the US and Canada, please visit the SFL site for your region.)
  • Leading Liberty AcademyLeading Liberty: A Comprehensive Guide to Liberating Your Campus is a detailed guide covering all of the key aspects of student organizing for liberty including how to start a student organization, the best ways to promote and execute successful events, how to raise awareness about your organization and the issues you care about, how to keep your group well resourced, and how to ensure that the fight for liberty does not end when you receive your diploma.
  • Open Proposals: Students For Liberty is looking for project proposals that advance SFL’s mission to create a freer future. SFL has always been open to new project ideas and now we’ve created a formal channel to propose new ideas. There are no guidelines for what type of projects we’re looking for, as long as they’re aligned with SFL’s mission. While we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to support you project, if selected, you’ll have ownership over your project and be able to see it through to completion.
  • Operation Politically Homeless: img_5077Looking to spruce up your student organization’s outreach table? Since 2009, SFL has partnered with the Advocates for Self Government to equip students with free Operation Politically Homeless kits to easily set up eye-catching outreach booths that entice passers-by to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. The quiz is designed to help students without a political affiliation find out where they fall on the ideological spectrum and has proven to be a fun way to engage with your campus community by countless student groups.
  • Movie Screenings: Movie screenings are a cost-effective way to educate your campus community about various pro-liberty issues in a relaxed and fun way. SFL has curated a list of some of the best free documentaries from the Free to Choose Network, Flex Your Rights, and the Moving Picture Institute.
  • Young Voices Advocates: Previously an in-house SFL program, Young Voices provides media outlets around the world with access to best aspiring libertarian journalists and policy analysts under 35. If you are an aspiring writer interested in political issues that affect you, apply to become an Advocate. Young Voices will provide you with editorial and placement services as absolutely no cost to you. Advocates have been featured on C-SPAN, ABC News, NPR, BBC, MTV, and Fox Business News. They have been published and interviewed in such publications as the New York Times, the Economist, Forbes, Yahoo News, AP, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, and the Washington Examiner.