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— Bringing Reason to the Future —

The Prometheus Fellowship Program is Students For Liberty’s flagship leadership development and objectivism program that carefully selects top-tier leaders from over 45 countries. These fellows, representing the best and brightest, engage in a journey of self-discovery, guided by rational thinking philosophy, and craft career development plans critical to their future success. This comprehensive, international program comprises over 150 hours of Leadership and Objectivist online classes, twice a year, all-expense paid in-person workshops, and year-long one-on-one mentorships, all aimed at making a profound impact on their professional and personal lives, ultimately contributing to positive global change.

Knowledge and skills you will learn

Philosophy & Leadership Development

Ayn Rand & Influence and Persuasion in Leadership

Advanced Classes & Creative Thinking and Innovation

Advanced Classes & Agile Project Management

Why is the Prometheus Fellowship Program the opportunity of a lifetime?

Huge investment per person

Over $42,347 investment in each fellow

Through the Prometheus Fellowship Program, SFL will invest over $42,347 in each selected fellow.

Money for study

$500 stipend per semester

You will receive a stipend of $500 per semester towards your professional development.

All-expense-paid global training trips

Get your bags ready! You will have the opportunity to go on fully paid face-to-face training each semester. You’ll travel to different places and network with great leaders, mentors, and students from all over the world.

Philosophy classes

Objectivism sessions and practical leadership classes

You will attend rational philosophy sessions and practical leadership classes led by expert faculty, preparing you to excel as a professional.

Individual mentorship

1:1 Mentorships

You will receive individualized career mentoring with a reference in the area you want to work in: you will receive a personalized orientation to facilitate your choice and approval in graduate courses and land your first job.

Global recognition

Global recognition as one of SFL’s Top Coordinators

Your work in SFL will be crowned with this exclusive fellowship, and you will be recognized as one of the organization’s crème de la crème students.

Online meetings

15 to 20 online meetings per semester

You can attend live or watch recordings later, flexibly and at your own pace.

Application Process

Who is this opportunity for?

SFL coordinators who:

  • Have a real interest in being a great pro-liberty leader;
  • Have identified the career paths they want to pursue;
  • Are interested in studying leadership and Objectivism;
  • Are truly committed to their personal and professional development.

How can I become a Prometheus Fellow?

Requirements to apply:

  • Being a coordinator of SFL and participating in activities within the SFL;
  • Being an undergraduate student from any country;
  • Speak fluent English;
  • Have enough time and energy to commit to the program for two years;
  • Have the ability to demonstrate through your application your life and professional experience have prepared you for this opportunity;
  • Commit to attending classes and delivering assignments throughout the program!

Submit your application

Qualified candidates should submit the following application materials by clicking the “Apply Now” link:

  • CV (in English)
    Cover letter (in English)

Your CV and cover letter should:

  • Explain your interest in the ideas of liberty, leadership, and Objectivism;
  • Explain how your personal, professional, and academic experiences prepared you for the Prometheus Fellowships Program;
  • Highlight your differentials, strengths, and skills;
  • Highlight your activities inside and outside the SFL

You're not alone! Take a look at where our fellows are from

From America to Zimbabwe, fellows from all inhabited continents are represented in our program.

Prometheus Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship Program offers incredible, and personalized support for our fellows through the expertise of the numerous high-flying professionals and institutions we have on board. These remarkable individuals bring a wealth of expertise, diverse perspectives, and unwavering dedication to empower and inspire our promising fellows on their transformative journey to advance their careers. We currently have more than 70 mentors as stakeholders in the program. Some of the mentors and partners we work with include: the Objective Standard Institute, the Atlas Network, the Institute of Justice, American Institute for Economic Research, CATO Institute, Leadership Institute, Institute of Economic Affairs (London), University of Buckingham, Institute of Liberal Studies, Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Canadian Taxpayers Federation, and so on.


For more information about our Mentorship Program, please contact Olufemi Ogunjobi at [email protected]

Stephen Kent
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Pavol Fukatsch
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Stephen Rowe
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Carlo Rocha
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Thomas Walker-Werth
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Mano Ferreira II
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Mohammad Anas Khan
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Raphaël Lima
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Paulo Fuchs
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Partnership with

Together logo

We have partnered with Together, a leading provider of mentoring software solutions to implement automation and streamline our mentorship program. This exciting development will not only enhance the overall experience for both mentors and fellows but also promote accountability, ensuring that all goals and responsibilities are effectively met by all parties involved.

Prometheus Summit Recap Videos

Miami, 2022

Vienna, 2023

Washington, 2024

What Our Fellows Say

Inspiring Success Stories from our Fellows

Meet the Team

André Freo
Programs Director
Olufemi Ogunjobi
Programs & Mentorship Manager
Felipe D. Gomides
Programs Associate

Frequently asked question

You would have to invest around 90 minutes per week for online sessions and training. In addition, you will have to deliver assignments in every online class. Moreover, face-to-face training usually takes place once a semester, and you must expect to be away from home for at least six days.

No, the Prometheus Fellowship Program is 100% free. Due to the generous donation made by the Prometheus Foundation to Students For Liberty, the selected leaders will have all their expenses related to the program covered or reimbursed. That means visas, meals, lodging, flight tickets, and more. Furthermore, fellows receive a stipend of US $500 per semester.

The mentorship program will make even more sense to you. After going through the online and in-person programs, the mentorship you’ll receive will put you in a position 99% of young candidates applying for a job won’t ever be.

Yes, the program is run in English. However, if you believe you have the right skill set and mindset to apply to the program, do it. Sometimes, your lack of confidence is just that: lack of confidence.

Of course not. This is a professional development program too. The Program covers educational, practical, and mentorship phases to enrich the experience and make you a better leader ready to go into the world.

At the moment, the Prometheus Fellowship is only open to SFL Coordinators. You can apply to become a Coordinator here.

Fellows must have access to and are responsible for providing a laptop, smartphone, or tablet with the ability to teleconference. Fellows must also have access to reliable internet to participate in the fortnightly online classes.

No, the fellowship is open to any SFL Coordinator, irrespective of age. However, most fellows will be in the 21-26-year-old bracket.

The fellowship is open to all promising talent within Students For Liberty’s worldwide network; there are no geographical limitations.

Yes, the fellowship program includes mandatory travel. Therefore, it is advised that all fellows have a valid passport for the duration of the fellowship and likely visas.

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to reach out Andre Freo at: [email protected]

Felipe Diego Gomide

Prometheus Programs Associate

Felipe Gomides is a corporate philosopher that works in applying Objectivist thought to daily life. Founding member of study groups on different issues ranging from political philosophy to contemporary ethics, he worked his way up from waiting tables to manage events, social media and building the base of the quality system of a startup valued over 1 million USD. Now besides teaching Objectivism weekly he works as the Prometheus Programs Associate.

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