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From Know Your Rights to Know Your Taxes: Thomas Savidge’s Dedication to Public Education

Thomas Savidge strives to promote tax and fiscal policies that enable us to save money while holding the government accountable

Thomas Savidge, an alumnus of Students For Liberty (SFL), is engaged in remarkable work as the Research Director at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Center for State Fiscal Reform. Through his daily efforts, Thomas strives to promote tax and fiscal policies that enable us to save money, while holding the government accountable and responsible to its people.

Since his college days, Thomas has been fueled by a desire to educate people about their legal rights and responsibilities. As an undergraduate student and an SFL Local Coordinator, he worked tirelessly alongside a local attorney to co-host a series of informative Know Your Rights seminars for his peers. These workshops provided valuable insights on how to navigate situations where school regulations or government policies may infringe on their legal rights. 

Thomas’s unwavering dedication to educating others has evolved into a pivotal aspect of his current job. In his present role, he provides valuable insights on pension liabilities, state debt, and how these factors impact various policies. He is now responsible for educating state legislatures, non-profits, and other key policy stakeholders. With his vast knowledge and expertise, Thomas continues to inspire others and raise awareness on crucial matters that affect us all.

Thomas stresses the importance of educating policy stakeholders on tax policies in order to identify and address flaws in current government policies. In his opinion, oftentimes, stakeholders may not see a proportional increase in public services despite an increase in taxes, with much of the funding going toward debt service. He clarifies that the interest payment on the debt we owe is presently one of the most rapidly expanding categories of federal spending, and the debt itself will impose massive tax burdens on future generations. Thus, he believes that it is crucial to explain these issues now.

As a dedicated individual passionate about educating others, it’s important for Thomas and his team to not only inform policy stakeholders but also the general public about various tax matters. Recently, they launched a fiscal rules website that examines what state spending would have been like over the past 30 years if there had been a constitutional tax and expenditure limit. By limiting government spending to the growth of population plus inflation, taxpayers could have saved a significant amount of money. The website serves as a valuable resource for individuals to better understand the impact of tax policies on their daily lives.

Thomas expressed his appreciation towards SFL, acknowledging the organization for providing him with the opportunity and resources to enhance his public speaking skills, which are crucial for his current role. In his words, “SFL forces you out of your comfort zone. Even tabling at an event or on campus teaches you how to debate and explain difficult philosophical or economic concepts to your audience in plain English.” He further added that SFL’s activities help individuals to enhance their debating skills and to communicate complicated ideas effectively.

In the future, Thomas aims to educate a large number of people on optimal tax and fiscal policy practices that can significantly reduce taxpayers’ burden and benefit the economy. Additionally, he aspires to play a role in steering the discussion and promoting ideas centered on a free-market and limited government perspective. “We just need to keep fighting the good fight,” Thomas concluded with determination.

Written by Anastasiia Rusanova



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