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Unleashing Liberty in the Heart of Europe: The Inspiring Journey of Pieter Cleppe

In Brussels, the epicenter of EU politics, one man has spent years working to promote liberty and free markets. That man is Pieter Cleppe, an SFL alumnus

In the bustling heart of Brussels, the epicenter of European Union politics, one man has spent years tirelessly working to promote the principles of liberty and free markets. That man is Pieter Cleppe, a Students For Liberty (SFL) alumnus, International Research Fellow at the Property Rights Alliance, and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BrusselsReport.eu.

Our story begins at the Catholic University of Leuven, where as a young and ambitious law student, Pieter led the Liberal Flemish Students’ Association (LVSV), uniting Dutch-speaking classical liberal students in Belgium. This is when Pieter realized the impact he could have on the world by dedicating himself to the cause of liberty.

Upon graduation, Pieter took up a post as a cabinet advisor and speechwriter for the Belgian State Secretary for Administrative Reform, where he focused on reducing bureaucratic red tape. In 2006, Pieter’s passion for liberty led him to co-found the Itinera Institute, Belgium’s first professional free-market policy think tank.

In 2008, he established and led the Brussels office of the esteemed British EU affairs policy think tank, Open Europe, for nearly twelve years. During his tenure, Pieter expanded Open Europe’s presence by setting up a Berlin office in 2012. His insightful analysis and commentaries were featured in prominent publications like the Financial Times, The Economist, and the Wall Street Journal, turning him into a respected voice for liberty in international media.

Driven by his extensive knowledge of EU politics and unwavering commitment to the principles of liberty, Pieter founded BrusselsReport.eu in 2021. This online magazine, along with The Brussels Report Podcast, offers a rich array of opinion pieces, news, and analysis covering European Union policy, Eurozone affairs, and investment. His recent ranking of Members of the European Parliament, based on their positions on free markets, taxation, and decentralization, is a testament to his dedication to advancing liberty.

At Students For Liberty, we are honored to have Pieter Cleppe as a regular keynote speaker and panelist at our conferences. He believes that exposing young people to the ideas of liberty during their formative years is essential, and that SFL is a powerful platform for achieving this goal. “SFL is such an amazing, powerful network. It is incredible how it connects young people with like-minded liberty lovers all around the globe with whom they can create different projects together and even become close friends,” he says.

The tools, resources, and network provided by SFL have played a significant role in nurturing and supporting Pieter’s passion for liberty. As he continues to expand BrusselsReport.eu, he aims to unite liberty-minded individuals in Europe and amplify their voices within the EU policy sphere. Through his relentless efforts and unwavering commitment, Pieter Cleppe is a true testament to the impact that Students For Liberty and its alumni can have in shaping a freer, more prosperous world.

By Anastasiia Rusanova



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