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Samriddha Sen

Fellow, Fellowship For Freedom, India

Samriddha Sen is a penultimate year BA. LLB. (Honours) student at the Department of Law, University of Calcutta. Born and raised in the City of Joy where, without prejudice, the substance of most policy and legal discourse has traditionally been lost in the misdirections of socialistic fervour and questionable political practices, Samriddha’s foray into the libertarian world is one which can be considered to be uncanny. Before cultivating an interest in the expansive dimensions of theoretical and practical libertarianism, he discovered the very basis of his inspiration from observing and experiencing the inherently paternalistic nature of society and governance around him. He is a fundamental believer in limited governance and a strict application of separation of powers. He also believes that the extent of State action must be clearly enumerated and consequently delineated only to the extent of an umpirial role. He has keen interests in issues of comparative constitutionalism, civil rights and liberties, electoral reforms, competition & national security law, digital rights and legal-economic policymaking. Some of his intellectual influences include Frederich Bastiat’s “The Law”, John Stuart Mill on representative governance, John Austin’s natural law and Antonin Scalia’s texts on legal interpretation. Institution: University of Calcutta, India Interests: Comparative Constitutional Studies, Law and Economics, Civil Rights and Liberties, Competition & national security law Published Work: Understanding Money Power in Indian Politics: A Comparative Regulatory Perspective on the Case Study of Electoral Campaign Finance Reforms, NUJS International Journal of Law and Policy Review Volume 8 No. 2 (July 2019)

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Samriddha Sen

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