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13631628_633516523476169_5299977417158976395_nHaving had tremendous success across the globe, Students For Liberty first dropped anchor in South East Asia in 2015. After a year of inspiring, motivating, and educating students, the time and opportunity is now here for our first South East Asia Conference. This is a huge opportunity for SFL Indonesia in the current phase of their movement. They started small (with less than three Charter Team members) and now have over 20 students working to put this conference together.

Sessions aim to give attendees a deeper understanding of the ideas of liberty. They are also focused on training attendees to be more effective advocates of liberty. We have put together a distinguished roster of speakers who have, in various ways, helped advance the vision of a free and prosperous society. These role models will inspire you, influence your ideas, and potentially become your mentors moving forward.

The goal of this conference is to bring students from all over South East Asia to exchange their experiences, learn the ideas of liberty and energize their leadership of the pro-liberty movement in South East Asia. This event will be a massive celebration of freedom.

Register here!

As we approach the end of the 2015-2016 academic year, Charter Teams members have been busy working to further solidify SFL’s presence.  Outreach efforts also continue in Southeast Asia, where we hope Taiwan and Japan will soon join the SFL network.

Syed Saddiq addresses SisPro in Malaysia

Syed Saddiq addresses SisPro in Malaysia

In Malaysia, SFL leaders hosted their biggest event this year (and likely ever!) when they hosted Syed Saddiq.  Saddiq has become a very controversial speaker in Malaysia and has been banned from speaking at several universities after speaking out against the Malaysian Prime Minister.  His actions have triggered #SaveMalaysia movement where the youth is increasingly concerned about free speech issues, as evidenced by the large crowd that Saddiq drew for his speech on the Role of Youth in Times of Political Crisis.

In neighboring Indonesia, SFLers hosted a seminar from March 4 to March 6 titled “Workshop on Freedom and Social Policy.”  They co-hosted the event with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the Youth Freedom Network, and suarakebebasan.org.  The seminar was a huge success with around twenty-five students from across Indonesia attending, listening to speakers, and participating in networking sessions among other activities.

SFL-Indonesia's Workshop on Freedom and Social Policy

SFL-Indonesia’s Workshop on Freedom and Social Policy

Meanwhile, SFL-Korea has been busy translating materials and producing academic resources.  SFL-Korea has translated many materials included SFL’s Liberty 101 pamphlet, Learn Liberty videos, and they’re hoping to translate the entire Liberty 101 course into Korean very soon.  In addition to creating these resources, Korean SFLers have been busy distributing and promoting their resources to grow the liberty movement in Korea.


SFL’s Charter Teams Program continued to grow during the month of February. Thirteen leaders have now completed Charter Teams training and eleven others are in training. Nine countries are now represented in Charter Teams: Cambodia, Haiti, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Malaysian students discuss Islam and politics

Malaysian students discuss Islam and politics

February was an especially big month for SFL-Malaysia. Students in Malaysia kicked off the semester with a series of discussions. During the first meeting of SisPro in Malaysia, students planned out their activities for the year which include an effort to help the local homeless population. SFL-Malaysia also hosted a discussion on the relationship between Islam and politics.

South Korea also saw exciting growth in the month of February. SFL has been active in Korea in the past, but we re-launched this month with a celebration of Murray Rothbard.  Korean students solicited and produced a series of video tributes to Rothbard in conjunction with a formal event to celebrate Rothbard and his legacy, check out their Facebook page to see what they’ve been up to!

Campus leftists deface SFL posters at UP-Diliman

Campus leftists deface SFL posters at UP-Diliman

SFL is also making progress in the Philippines. Charter Teams trainee Jake Garcia is in the process of forming a student group at the University of the Philippines Diliman where he faces harsh push-back on a campus dominated by leftists. Look at the response he received on his posters! One of SFL’s ALumni, Thomas Laughlin, has also been helping out with SFL in the Philippines, thank you Thomas for all you do!

The growth of SFL in Indonesia has also been very impressive this month, check out this blog post updating their activities!  In addition to these events and activities, students in Indonesia have planned out a busy spring semester. They’ve coordinated with the Atlas Network, Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, and the Fredrich Naumann Foundation to plan a seminar series throughout the month of March. You can follow their activities on the SFL-Indonesia Facebook page.

SFL-Hong Kong also had a busy month and produced a series of videos in February.  In addition to footage of their recent Objectivism Seminar, SFL-HK produced this video in response to the violence and protests during the Chinese New Year celebration.  I encourage you to view all of their videos which are available on the SFL-HK Facebook page.


SFLers hold a meeting at the Asia Liberty Forum

Members of SFL’s Charter Teams Program were also busy this month attending the Atlas Network’s Asia Liberty Forum (ALF) in Kuala Lumpur and the 9th Annual International Students For Liberty Conference (ISFLC) in Washington, DC.   At the Asia Liberty Forum, Imantaka Nugraha, Alfi Syahrin, Haikal Kurniawan, and Rofi Uddarojat represented SFL-Indonesia while Zati Zainol, Rafqah Rosman, and Tarmizi Anuwar represented SFL-Malaysia. Together, these students hosted an SFL meet-up at the ALF which was a huge success!

Eight members of SFL’s Charter Teams program attended the ISFLC, representing Cambodia, Haiti, Hong Kong, and South Korea. In total, twelve Haitian students attended ISFLC and participated in a strategic planning session for SFL-Haiti. Almost all of the Charter Teams attendees funded their own travel to the ISFLC, which makes their participation even more impressive!

Students in Indonesia have spent the last six months building SFL and growing the local liberty movement.  So far, SFL has trained five leaders, hosted six events, recruited twenty-nine volunteers from five campuses, and established a presence in two major cities, Jakarta and Bandung.


SFL-Indonesia’s discussion about state owned enterprise

SFL trained it’s first Indonesian leader, Rofi Uddarojat, during the summer and fall of last year.  Since this time, Rofi recruited several other students and worked to build a number of partnerships and coalitions.  One such partnership with Lembaga Kaijian Keilmuan FHUI (a legal research group at the University of Indonesia law school) resulted in SFL-Indonesia’s first ever event, a discussion about the sharing economy in mid-October.  SFL Charter Teams member Imantaka “Taka” Nugraha, a law student, spoke at this event and several others since.

Taka frequently speaks at SFL events as does SFL Charter Teams member Alfi Syahrin.  Alfi and Taka spoke together at SFL-Indonesia’s first independent event hosted in December, a discussion about the inefficiencies of state owned enterprise.  SFL has also recently welcomed Haikal Kurniawan, who has been a major contributor to SFL-Indonesia’s success, and Nicole Annabella to our leadership.

SFL leaders at the Indonesia Liberty Dinner

SFL leaders at the Indonesia Liberty Dinner

With a great team in place, an impressive line-up of events and activities for our first six months, and continuing growth, SFL-Indonesia is primed to take off!  SFL leaders have planned a number of events for the coming months and are working to prepare the first ever SFL-Indonesia conference!  Stay tuned for more updates from these amazing students!

In an attempt to better share our current activities with our network, SFL is beginning an SFL Around the World blog post series.  At the beginning of each month, each region will post an update to their regional blog page to share their current activities.  Please stay tuned for more updates next month!

HKObjectivismSFL’s Charter Teams Program pressed forward into 2016 with a handful of events and planning sessions.

SFL-Hong Kong hosted it’s second  ever conference, an Objectivism Seminar, on January 27th.  Yaron Brook and Robert Garmong both spoke at the event to around 60 attendees.  The local newspaper, Harbour Times, wrote this article about the event and SFL generally.  SFL also trained it’s second leader in HK, Jento Chan, and is currently training it’s third.

SFL-Haiti hosted two meetings in January. SFLKorea In one meeting, around twenty students attended to discuss what libertarianism means in Haiti and how to spread libertarian ideas there.   Indonesian students have also been busy planning for the year and hosted a strategic planning meeting at the end of January.  SFL now has four trained leaders with three more in training.

In other areas, SFL is now officially involved in the Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea with leaders from all three countries now in training and planning to launch SFL groups in their areas.  Stay tuned as these groups attempt to get off the ground!

Be sure to check out SFL’s regional blog pages to see what SFL is up to around the world!

The Charter Teams Program closed out 2015 by training new leaders in Indonesia, Haiti, and Hong Kong, among others. In Hong Kong, Charter Teams Members hosted SFL’s first ever conference in Southeast Asia. The Liberal Youth Seminar took place on December 5-6 and brought about fifty attendees. Speakers included Simon Lee and Andrew Shuen of the Lion Rock Institute as well as Florian Peters, Katharina Schreiner, and Sven Gerst (a special thanks to JuLis for arranging these speakers!). Check out this video from the conference! Due to the success of their first conference, the Hong Kong team is planning an Objectivism Seminar for late January and has been busy planning the event.


SFL-Indonesia’s discussion about the inefficiencies of state owned enterprise

In Indonesia, SFL has now trained three leaders: Senior Charter Teams Coordinator Rofi Uddarojat and Charter Teams Members Taka Nugraha and Alfi Syahrin. Several more Indonesian students are in training. These students have organized a handful of events so far including discussions on alcohol prohibition and the inefficiencies of state owned enterprise, among others. Follow SFL-Indonesia on Facebook to stay updated on their progress.


Haitian leaders meet for a strategic planning meeting

In Haiti, Charter Teams Member James Michel organized a strategic planning meeting for local leaders. James is SFL’s first leader in Haiti and has worked hard to spread the ideas of liberty to new students. With a strategic plan in place and a team to execute it, we look forward to big things from Haiti in 2016.

December also marked the re-launch of SFL in South Korea. Two students are currently working to organize the first event for SFL-Korea in 2016, a tribute to Murray Rothbard. SFL-Korea is still in its infant stage, but like the other regions, we look forward to a productive spring semester in Korea. The Charter Teams program also expanded into Singapore this month with the acceptance of one student.

Join Students For Liberty in welcoming new students and countries to our network!

Recently, SFL welcomed the additions of Haiti, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia to our network through the Global Charter Teams Program.  Leaders from all four countries have now completed training and joined SFL’s formal leadership.

HK Seminar

SFL’s Liberal Youth Seminar in Hong Kong

In Haiti, James Michel has completed Charter Teams training and becomes SFL’s first ever leader in Haiti!  We look forward to seeing James grow SFL’s presence in Haiti and the Caribbean.
In Hong Kong, Louis Lo has completed training and becomes SFL’s first leader in Hong Kong.  Louis and other students in Hong Kong also hosted their first regional conference this past weekend, the Liberal Youth Seminar.  You can view the photos from the conference and read about other updates on their Facebook page.

In Indonesia, SFL has trained it’s first leaders and welcomes Rofi Uddarojat and Imantaka “Taka” Nugraha to our –formal leadership.  SFL-Indonesia has grown quickly and we expect exciting activities from these students in the Spring.  Follow SFL-Indonesia on Facebook for more updates!

Malaysia was recently transitioned from SFL-South Asia into SFL’s Charter Teams program.  While we’ve had student leaders in Malaysia for some time now, we welcome our newest leader to the program, Muhd “Paan” Fariq Farhan.

Congratulations to all of SFL’s newest leaders!  Please stay tuned for more updates from the Charter Teams Program!

In November, the Charter Teams program focused primarily on training our current student leaders and preparing them for further activities and events this spring. Charter Teams also welcomed its first trainee outside of Asia, with the addition of James Michel from Haiti.

Charter Teams participants from Hong Kong and Indonesia have been busy spreading the ideas of liberty and HKSeminarattracting new students to SFL. To this end, SFL-Hong Kong launched it’s own website, sflhk.org, and produced a series of graphics promoting their group. SFL-HK is also busy planning it’s first ever conference, the Liberal Youth Seminar, that is scheduled to take place this weekend. Speakers include representatives from the German group JuLis, Lion Rock Institute Co-Founder Simon Lee, and Andrew Sheun, also affiliated with Lion Rock. The Harbour Times, a local newspaper, also released this interview highlighting SFL-Hong Kong and the upcoming seminar. Join us in wishing our HK chapter good luck as they prepare for their conference this weekend and stay tuned for an update on how the conference unfolded.

The Charter Teams program has also seen impressive growth and progress in Indonesia. SFL-Indonesia is working to translate and re-launch SFL’s #LibertyWorks campaign through a partnership with other local groups. SFL-Indonesia has also begun to hold a handful of events, including a student discussion on the sharing economy and legalization of Uber in Indonesia.

In November, the Charter Teams program welcomed it’s first graduates of the 2015-2016 year as students from Hong Kong and Malaysia have completed the training program so far. We look forward to more students from Hong Kong and Malaysia completing training in December and expect students from Indonesia, Haiti, and Vietnam to join these graduates. Stay tuned for our December update for more information on the progress of these leaders!

In an attempt to better share our current activities with our network, SFL is beginning an SFL Around the World blog post series. At the beginning of each month, each region will post an update to their regional blog page to share their current activities. Please stay tuned for more updates next month.

October was a busy month for SFL’s Charter Teams Program. Seven new students began training this month, growing our presence in Hong Kong and Indonesia. The Charter Teams program also expanded into Vietnam this month with the addition of a Vietnamese trainee. We’re also excited that SFL-Malaysia was able to transition from SFL-South Asia into the Charter Teams Program, which now includes all of Southeast and East Asia. The Charter Teams Program hopes to include students from Mongolia, Haiti, and Afghanistan during the next month.

In Hoimage3ng Kong, SFL has been especially busy. SFL-Hong Kong participated in a Networking Night hosted by the local group Affix. Students from eleven universities and dozens of young professionals attended, making one of SFL-Hong Kong’s first events a success. Hong Kong Chapter Founder Louis Lo was able to speak on behalf of SFL at the event. He was the only speaker other than Stephen Golden, an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs. Louis also discussed Uber and the sharing economy at the event, which also featured representatives from Google, Citibank, Hong Kong Free Press, and New World Development, among others. SFL-Hong Kong is also busy planning it’s first conference in conjunction with the German Group, JuLis. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Hong Kong!

In Indonesia, SFL’s Charter Team trainees have been busy growing the program and now have four students in training. Students in Indonesia have also founded two student groups and universities near Jakarta.

Stay tuned for the next SFL Around the World Update to stay informed about SFL’s activities around the world. I encourage you to visit SFL’s regional websites for updates from around the world!

Last week, SFL-Hong Kong participated in a Networking Nigimage3ht hosted by Affix. Students from eleven universities  joined young professionals and experts from various fields to network and share ideas. SFL’s Hong Kong Chapter was represented by Chapter Founder Louis Lo and Vice President Clara Chau, among others.

In addition to a cocktail reception and open networking sessions, the Networking Night featured two speakers. The first was Mr. Stephen Golden, Executive Director at Goldman Sachs. Following Mr. Golden’s speech, our own Louis Lo was given the opportunity to speak about Uber and the sharing economy in Hong Kong, all while wearing an SFL-HK T-Shirt that he partnered with Uber to produce.  The event also featured representatives from Google, Citibank, Hong Kong Free Press, and New World Development, among others.

This event was one of the first events in Southeast Asia that SFL has participated in. As SFL’s presence continues to grow in Hong Kong, we’ll surely have similar events in the future! After just a few months, we already have a handful of students in SFL’s Charter Teams Program and a rapidly growing SFL Chapter. I encourage you to follow SFL-HK
on Facebook for more updates!