Back in 1997, the famous actor Charlton Heston called the Second Amendment “America’s first freedom.” The recent battle to defend this freedom is the subject of Shall Not Be Infringed, a book co-written by former president of the National Rifle Association David A. Keene and prominent attorney Thomas L. Mason. The authors paint a detailed but accessible picture of the history of gun control post-1990, focusing primarily on Congress, the Supreme Court, national media, and the United Nations.51w4KgDD8XL._SX333_BO1,204,203,200_

With endorsements from the editor of the Washington Times and the National Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), Shall Not Be Infringed is a formidable tool in the hands of any American concerned with defending gun rights. Releasing the book shortly before November’s election, Keene and Mason predicted that if Hillary Clinton became president, Americans would “lose their individual right to keep and bear arms.” Although this has not come to pass, Second Amendment activists and the liberty movement in general should still read this book cover-to-cover. Gun control remains a priority for many politicians after decades of bitter debate, and you can be sure that this trend will continue long into the future.

Part One of the book concentrates on recent developments in the domestic gun control debate, beginning with an overview of the key players in the contemporary arena of gun politics. Of particular interest is the book’s discussion of the highly-publicized “Fast and Furious” scandal, which saw the U.S. government force gun shops near the Mexican border to allow Mexican criminals to buy guns without passing background checks. (more…)

October was a busy month at Students For Liberty. Read the highlights of what our North American team have been up to!

Regional Conference season in full swing!

TVirginia RChis weekend sees our final two events in what has been an extraordinary Regional Conference season. During October, hundreds of students across North America have come together to discuss the ideas of liberty. From Utah to Florida, young people interested in various aspects of creating a free society heard from a diverse range of speakers, ranging from sex worker rights activists to ex-SFLers who have become libertarian economics professors.

Students across North America “Get Out The Liberty”

Our Get Out The Liberty (#GOTL) campaign was wildly successful. So far, we’ve accepted 75 applications for these $250 grants, which are aimed at activism and recruitment for pro-liberty groups on campus. Events funded by the grants have ranged from tabling and recruitment drives to our nationwide Deep Web screenings. Based on the success of the GOTL campaign, we’ve now launched our Peace, Love, Liberty grant program: aiming to promote non-interventionist foreign policy.

Ethan FSBig free speech rally at UMD

Huge congratulations to our activists at College Park Students For Liberty, who hosted a well-attended free speech rally that generated substantial media coverage. The event saw SFLers collaborate with Jim Caruso, CEO of Flying Dog Brewery, as well as other campus groups. Ethan Pritchard, the Chapter President of SFL College Park, told the audience that universities are “sending a message that it’s okay to shelter yourself and to just go without hearing other people’s opinions and that you’ll be fine your entire life, and that’s not how it is.”


The following is an open letter from all of us at Students For Liberty.

For more information, or to join the SFL network, please subscribe here or reach out to North American Programs Director David Clement at dclement@studentsforliberty.org.

Dear College Democrats,

This election has left progressives and liberals feeling scared about the prospects for America’s future. Many libertarians share your concerns about the direction the country is headed, and we at Students For Liberty are no exception.

Considering the widespread outrage at the results of the election, we want to make this clear: if you are a College Democrat (or Democrat-affiliated) group and share our concerns on certain issues, we are more than willing to work with you and provide you with any resources you need.

After this polarizing election, we’re taking a stand to advocate for people and education over politics and division. You’re invited to become part of this much-needed conversation by joining the SFL network. Pro-liberty students and liberals/progressives share similar perspectives on many different issues, and we’d love to support your activism in areas such as:

  • Police brutality
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Defending press freedom and the right to privacy
  • Anti corruption initiatives
  • Freedom of speech and expression

We provide grants, training, activism resources, and access to a network of pro-liberty students not just in the United States, but all around the world.

Whatever your issue of choice is, we’re here to help make sure pro-liberty beliefs, whether expressed by libertarians or liberals/progressives, are represented on college campuses across the country (and world)! We’ll never subject you to a purity test or demand allegiance to any particular candidate or approach. As long as your message is pro-liberty, we’re more than happy to help.

Since we’re not a chapter-based organization, College Democrats groups can retain their status while still taking advantage of resources from SFL. We want to build coalitions with student groups who share aspects of our vision for a better society, and we want to provide student activists with the support they need to act on their frustrations following the election. Working together, we can bring about positive change. Are you with us?



Sincerely & For Liberty, 

SFL North America 


Peace Love Liberty Strike Team

Interventionism in foreign policy has been a crucial element of mainstream political platforms for decades in U.S. politics, but many libertarians see a foreign policy based on restraint as an essential element in the fight for freedom and prosperity across the world. With the quagmire of Iraq dominating political discourse during much of the past two decades, foreign policy is an area in which the ideas of liberty are sorely needed.

Many libertarians see American hegemony as dangerous both domestically and abroad. At home, the military-industrial complex represents a cornerstone of government power. As journalist and political activist Randolph Bourne once put it, “war is the health of the state.”Meanwhile, the United States’ continual presence in more than 70 countries and endless military interventions are both costly and destabilizing, distracting from pressing issues at home and driving growth of government.

As young people become increasingly hesitant to promote interventionist foreign policy, libertarian ideas of restraint and peaceful diplomacy hold significant appeal.

To this end, SFL is providing grants of up to $250 for activism aimed at promoting non-interventionist foreign policy until December 28th.


We want peace, love, and liberty around the world.


To qualify for the grant, you must carry out an activism event related to libertarian ideas on foreign policy. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Highlighting the human cost of war
  • Showing students the financial costs associated with interventionist foreign policy
  • “Guess the Sentence” tabling for war whistleblowers
  • Raising awareness of expanded Presidential power over foreign policy
  • Hosting a speaker or debate on the theme of Peace, Love, Liberty
  • Creative ideas not included above (submit a description in your application)

Apply today for a Peace, Love, Liberty grant!

The world’s largest libertarian student organization with over 1,500 volunteers across the globe, Students For Liberty (SFL) today expressed concern at the recent actions of protesters at University of California-Berkeley.

On Friday, October 21st, over 100 students blocked Sather Gate (a publicly accessible bridge on UC-Berkeley’s campus) for several hours to demand that the university relocate a safe space for LGBTQ students and students of color.

Video footage appears to show the protesters blocking white students from crossing the bridge, forcing them to seek alternative routes. Students of color, meanwhile, were allowed to pass through.

Daniel Pryor, Communications Associate at Students For Liberty, said:

“Students For Liberty condemns the protesters’ decision to physically block a publicly-accessible space based on race. Regardless of what one thinks about safe spaces, this tactic is unjustifiably discriminatory and an attack on academic freedom; students can’t freely pursue education if they can’t get to class!

Such aggressive tactics create a chilling effect on free speech, and have also been condemned by UC-Berkeley students from marginalized communities.”

The actions of the UC-Berkeley protesters are the latest in a long-running trend of attacks on academic freedom on North American campuses. SFL activists are working across the world to fight for academic freedom and free speech on campus. Students For Liberty opposes all attempts to infringe upon this vital aspect of a free and open society.