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Geigo Saka Yudha

Bio: Geigo is a graphic designer and illustrator. In 2016, he studied visual communication design at Telkom University, Indonesia. He has also been involved in several campaigns using his illustration works to promote human rights and freedom of expression since 2018. He then joined the LC Program in 2020, eventually finding love for the people and ideas within SFL. Exploring visual language and its impact on culture is the main quest of his life.

Books, people, and new places are Geigo’s primary fuel for life.

Favorite figures in Liberty: Ayn Rand, John Locke, and Milton Friedman

On Students For Liberty: “I think the hard thing to find in life is meaning. Becoming part of SFL, working with amazing people, and being able to contribute to the good cause of Liberty is something that helps me find meaning in my life.”

Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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