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Charlie Gers

Bio: Gers, a University of Minnesota alum, is currently a Business Development Executive at Bluegrace Logistics in Chicago. During his college career, Gers was exposed to the ideas of liberty where he quickly became an active figure on campus. From introducing Gary Johnson at one of his 2016 presidential rallies to running for mayor of Minneapolis, Gers endeavored to be as active as possible to voice the ideas of social and economic freedom. Gers first joined SFL in 2016, where he was a Campus Coordinator until 2018 when he became the Midwest Regional Director. Gers will forever be grateful for an organization like SFL not just for providing the platform and resources for college activists, but for giving him unforgettable experiences (like traveling to Serbia for ESFL Conference) that will remain memories for life.

Favorite Libertarian Figures: F. A. Hayek, Gary Johnson

On Liberty and SFL: It’s fundamental that we continue our ongoing support for SFL to preserve the fundamental idea of individualism and continue fighting for a freer future for all.

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