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Andrés Pino

Bio: Andrés Pino has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of El Salvador. He became acquainted with the ideas of liberty after reading about Frédéric Bastiat’s economic thinking. He has been working for the cause of liberty since 2012, year in which he participated and obtained an honorable mention in an essay competition sponsored by the Francisco Marroquín University (UFM). He is a FEE and CATO alumnus. He is also a former member of multiple libertarian organizations in El Salvador, all of which he helped organize conferences and create informative content. In 2017 he became Chairman for Students for Liberty in Latin America (EsLibertad).

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Ludwig Von Mises, Frédéric Bastiat and Ron Paul

On Students For Liberty: Since becoming part of Students for Liberty in 2014, I’ve had the honor to work beside the most passionate and intelligent pro-liberty students from around the world. Thanks to SFL I’ve also developed new leadership skills and deepened my knowledge about the importance of liberty in everyday life. Being part of such a great organization has definitely changed my life in more aspects that I could’ve ever imagined.

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