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Leyla Taghiyeva

Bio: International Studies graduate with 7 years of public, nonprofit and volunteer experience in youth work and international cooperation. Social Media Influencer & Musician with many viral content on TikTok and Instagram resulting in partnerships with some big companies. Gaining local fame changed her life as now social media had become more than just a hobby for her. As a peace activist she stood against aggression, and supported Ukraine via her original song “8 billion people” which the European Union selected as an official anthem for a global social media campaign. She has been invited to speak about social media and effective campaigning in various countries where high-level diplomats took notes of her advice. 

Favourite figures of liberty: Ayn Rand, Adam Smith

On Students For Liberty: ‘Nothing can make me happier than working for my values: at SFL, we praise hard work, individual responsibility, innovation, and global advocacy of our rights.’

Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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